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HIDeXtra 5202 6000k (25w) HID Kit

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HIDeXtra™ - Where Extra means everything

HIDeXtra HID kits use C-Ring® light center technology and the Neptune-Core® ballast chipset in every one of our HID kits to ensure that we deliver THE highest lumens output per wattage than any other comparable kit on the market. Not only do we ensure we have the most durable, brightest, and highest quality hid kit available our light center C-Ring technology ensures that the light is pointed in the right angle and right direction for the optimal beam pattern. We are the only manufacturer to ensure our HID ballast, HID bulbs, and HID accessories have been designed from the ground up to be tailored specific to automotive applications in order to ensure that we achieve the highest performance and the highest level of plug and play compatibility for all year, make, and models. Nothing is compromised when we deliver eXtra in our HID product and our customer experience.

HID Xenon Bulb x 2

Each HID conversion kit comes with two xenon bulbs.

HID Ballast x 2

Two HID ballast are included to supply power to the HID xenon bulbs

Wiring & Accessories

We provide additional wiring connectors, mounting brackets, and neccessary components for ease of installation.

12 Month Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. All our products are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Free US Ground Shipping

We offer standard FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipped within the continental United States. Simply add products to your shopping cart and we'll automatically apply it to your order.



Tried & True HIDExtra Signature Ballast Slim & Compact design for tight space installs / motocycles High Output design OEM Grade Build
3000 lumens @35W 3000 lumens @35W 3900 lumens @55W 3600 lumens @35W
100% Full Fill Rubber Injection Water & Vibration Resistance 30% Greater Light Output than STD 35W Built-In Warning canceller to simplify newer model car intalls
ASIC Chip Digital Technology Quick & Safe ignition Quick & Safe ignition German ASIC Digital Chip Technology
Open circuit & short circuit protection Plug & Play on most applications Plug & Play on most applications 100% Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Case
Plug & Play on most applications Matte black casing for stealth installation Wide angle design for optimum heat dissapation Designed for Maximum Life-Time Durability & Optimal Lighting Outpud
Optimized for heat resistance & durability Optimized for heat displacement and Compact performance Maximum lumens output The Highest level of performance and quality
ECE & SAE certified design ECE & SAE certified chip design ECE & SAE certified chip design ECE & SAE certified chip design


Universal HID Capacitors (Pair)

Often time, dashboard warning lights will go off (CANBUS error) on vehicles with computer controlled headlamp when an aftermarket HID system is installed. This is common in newer vehicles and luxury European makes. To overcome this, simply install a pair of capacitors with your HID kit. This accessory will also help with flickering issues that some vehicles may experience.

Universal HID Relay Harness

Some vehicle’s electrical system may require a relay harness and if the vehicle has automatic or daytime running lights it may help resolve potential flickering issues or lights not turning on when connected to the HID kit. The relay harness will help regulate the power and keep the lights on when turned to the “on” switch.

Not sure if your vehicle needs a relay harness or capacitors? Call us! (860) 821-8212


Ballast Technology Neptune-Core® ASIC chipset technology designed from the ground up for full range automotive applications to optimize durability, compatibility, and brightness
Ballast Power Signature Series: 35Watts @ 3000 Lumens
Stealth Series: 35Watts @ 3000 Lumens
Power Series: 55Watts @ 3900 Lumens
Volt Series: 35Watts @ 3600 Lumens
PRO Series: 55Watts @ 4200 Lumens
Ballast Dimension Signature Series:2.75 inch x2.28 inch x 0.59 inch
Stealth Series: 2.75 inch x2.48 inch x 0.59 inch
Power Series: 3.42 inch x2.67 inch x 0.67 inch
Volt Series: 3.4 inch x2.95 inch x 1.22 inch
PRO Series: 3.4 inch x2.6 inch x 1 inch
Bulb Technology All of our HIDExtra HID bulbs use C-Ring® patented technology to ensure the optimal light output but more importantly the optimal beam pattern. C-Ring’s light center technology ensures that you are delivering the best color light to the correct part of the road
Bulb Life Every one of our bulbs are built to OEM specifications and will last 3500-4000 working hours or anywhere from 3-7 years
Wiring Nothing is compromised with HIDeXtra. That includes the wiring and connectors we use. All wires are built with OEM grade 3+ material and are ensured for lifetime durability and all possible automotive conditions.


We’ve done it right, where other have not or cannot.

HIDeXtra is the only HID manufacturer that has developed automotive specific HID technology to the market. Our C-Ring light center technology and Neptune-Core ballast chipset is built into our entire line of products. Offering not only the highest wattage output, but also the critical light center that is necessary to project the light correctly.


All our kits are covered under a one year warranty as well as a 60 day full refund/exchange policy. So if you are not satisfied with your kit, simply return the kit to us within 60 days for a full refund or exchange. Our aim is to help provide our customers with the most reliable HID Kits on the market, in addition to providing fantastic customer service.

Built to last

Tough and durable. All HIDeXtra components are made from OEM or OEM plus grade materials. These are the same grade ABC, Polycarbonate, and glass used in major automotive manufacturers, and high requirement grade products like riot gear and crash helmets. Each and every one of our components goes through the rigorous Six Sigma testing environment to ensure real life automotive environments.