HIDeXtra Accessories

HIDeXtra is here to assist you with your HID kit installation. Whether it’s a CANBUS error or flickering issue, or you’re just trying to figure out that replacement part you’re in need of, we’re here to help.

HID CAPACITORS/HID RESISTORS: Often times, dashboard warning lights will go off (CANBUS error) on vehicles with computer controlled headlamps when an aftermarket HID system is installed. This is common in newer vehicles and luxury European makes. To overcome this, simply install a pair of capacitors with your HID kit. The Universal HID Capacitors will also help with flickering issues that some vehicles may experience.

HID RELAY HARNESS: But there will be cases where some vehicle’s electrical system may require a relay harness. If the vehicle has automatic or daytime running lights it may help to resolve potential flickering issues, in addition to lights not turning on when connected to the HID kit. The relay harness will help regulate the power and keep the lights on when turned to the “on” switch.

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