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Holiday Shopping Guide 2017

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While everyone's lighting up their home, you could be lighting up your ride.

We get it. Be the first to get your hands on upgrades for the holiday season!

RAZIR ColorBEND Rock Lights

Take off-roading to the next level.

Get the party started - and by party, we mean a multi-color, audio-synced light show that happens to come in a set of waterproof, terrain-tested pods. 

With Bluetooth connection and everything you need in the box, we would recommend that you get these multi-colored rock lights  installed on your ride before your next off-road adventure.

RAZIR LED Headlights

These LED upgrades are for real drivers.

It's hard to know treasure from trash with all the  LED headlight options on the market, but we'll pitch a vote for these crisp RAZIR LEDs. 

The twist 'n go design, ultra-boosted visibility, and promising lifespan are just the cherry on top of the sexy upgrade.

RAZIR Triple Tailgate

Make an impact on the drivers behind you.

Send clear cues, and look good doing it. The RAZIR Triple Tailgate Bar features a solid light beam that sets you apart from most dotted-line designs. 

Simply peel and stick onto the rear of your ride for turn, reverse, braking, and driving signals that shine up to 5 times brighter than stock tail lights.

HID Headlights

Tried-and-true and more bad-ass than ever.

HID headlight lovers will drool over our selection of HID headlight upgrades, curated for every type of car we've been able to get our hands on! 

If you're still driving with stock halogens, you need to level up your look and visibility with quality HIDs ASAP.

Featured Video: RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar

The Best LED Tailgate Light Bar HIDextra released their brand new RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar for trucks and SUVs recently and it has been a huge hit. We want you to check out this video we had done showcasing the RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar usability and ease of installation. There are many tailgates out [...]

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NEW RAZIR™ ColorBEND™ LED Rock Light Pod Kit with Bluetooth available now!

RAZIR Rock Lights. Setting the trend for off-roaders. From the enthusiasts at HIDextra comes the ultimate off-road lighting kit – the RAZIR™ LED Rock Light Kit with four multi-colored pods and a Bluetooth-enabled control box. Armed with waterproof durability and a plethora of color and flashing options, the Rock Light Kit takes you from trail-ready to show-ready [...]

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How F1 Racing Changed the Car You Drive

Formula 1 racing pushes automotive technology to its limits and affords many the fantasy of driving a super-fast, super-sexy race car, if only from the comfort of your living room. While not as popular in the U.S. as NASCAR, Formula 1 attracts an audience of 500+ million worldwide. Drivers like Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and [...]

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2013 Scion FR-S - Vehicle Bulb Type

Scion FR-S HID Kit Looking to upgrade your boring factory halogen headlights to a brighter higher output HID system? To upgrade your FR-S to HID's you'll need our H11 HID Headlight Conversion Kit. Our FR-S conversion kit takes about 45 minutes for installation and will plug and play for most vehicles.Vehicle Bulb Type Headlights - Low beam: [...]

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Getting Your Car Ready for the Summer - Part 1.

Time to show off your ride!As we get closer to summer you will notice a lot more modified cars, motorcycles and trucks hitting the roads. That is because car shows , such as National Hot Imports or locally held West Coast Customs, are about to get started as the weather gets warmer. Most of us, if [...]

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Picking the Right Ballast for Your HID Kit

We've recently had a number of customers who were confused about what was the best ballast option for them. This chart gives you a visual representation of our ballast offerings and provides you a short description of each type's key benefits, as well as providing some insight as to why you would want to compare [...]

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It Doesn't Get Any Simpler Than a Single-Beam Installation

Our HIDextra HID conversion kits are designed to be compatible with almost any vehicle on the road today. We’ve seen that HIDs are most common on European and luxury vehicles, but what about the popular makes on the road? Aftermarket HIDs are the most common upgrades for any vehicle, regardless of the year. And you [...]

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Initial D Toyota Corolla AE86 HID Installation

Before the AE86 Corollas became famous and popular, they were in animes (Japanese animation) and video gaming series. Japan’s very own Toyota Corolla AE86 has seen this fame. The hatchback/coupe was introduced by Toyota in 1983 as part of the fifth generation Toyota Corolla lineup. The AE86 has gone on to doing greater things such [...]

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What Car Experts Think of HIDextra: The Matt Jones Story

HIDextra has been on a quest to discover what top car experts think of our product. So we partnered up with Matt Jones, Senior Editor from Edmunds.com and got his take. Matt is a longtime retail guy and now he writes about the retail experience under “What’s Hot” for Edmunds. First, we simply asked Matt [...]

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