1999-2013 Acura TL HID Kit Tips, Tricks & Options

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

HIDExtra HID kit for Acura TL: Easy to Buy, Easy to Enjoy

Acura is one of the luxury vehicle brands that is equipped with factory HID headlights. But once a part goes out, making a trip to the dealership typically has owners spending hundreds, possibly more. So why take your vehicle to a mechanic and pay them "intense"' labor costs for replacing parts or new installations when you can do it yourself? This is where HIDextra’s aftermarket HID kits comes in. We can assure you that our kits are equivalent of quality and comparable to Acura TL’s OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer). Let us now walk you through your HID kit!

1. Let’s start off with the bulb type that you will need for your Acura TL:

  • For years 1999-2003, use bulb type D2R
  • For years 2004-2013, use bulb type D2S
YEAR Low Beam High Beam Fog / Driving Lights
1999-2001 D2R 9005 n/a
2002-2003 D2R 9005 9006
2004-2006 D2S (High & Low Headlamp) 9006
2007-2008 D2S 9005 H8
2009-2012 D2S 9005 H11
2013 D2S (High & Low Headlamp) H11

Factory D2S stands for discharge second generation shielded bulbs and are designed for projector headlamps. Projector headlamps contain a shade positioned between lens and reflector which provides the low beam cut off and allows the high beam to project without a glare.

Factory D2R stands for discharge second generation reflection bulbs and is designed for reflector headlamps. Reflector headlamps contain a light source which helps reflect glare for oncoming traffic.

Besides low and high beam modifications, fog lights upgrades are very popular amongst Acura TL users. From their stock fog light housing to inspire fogs modification and completing the look with HIDs.

2. HIDextra color temperature preference:

  • 5000k - Factory bright white is HIDextra’s most popular choice comparable to OEM.
  • 6000k - Intense white is the brightest white bulb with a hint of blue.
  • 8000k - Icy blue combines styling and performance.
  • 10000k - Deep blue has a rich blue output.

3. Lastly, preference in ballast for your HIDextra kit: Need help choosing your ballast?

  1. Signature Series (35w)
  2. Power Series (55w)
  3. Stealth Series (35w)
  4. PRO Canbus Series (55w)

And which ballast series would best satisfy Acura TL’s OEM hid replacements for overall performance and value? We would highly recommend the Volt Canbus series ballasts. This is our top of line HID ballast with the most advance built in component that will eliminate any issue a vehicle’s computer system may have with aftermarket HID. The Canbus ballast also produces the light output (lumens) equivalent to 55w while only using 35w and the quality of the ballast is equivalent to Acura TL’s OEM ballast (35w). A very high quality HID Kit recommend for all year, make, and model vehicle.

35w vs. 55w? Our 55w Power Series provides 20% more wattage to the HID bulb which in return shines 30-40% much brighter compared to the 35w HID kit. Please note that to use higher wattage bulbs, you will need to go with the 55w ballasts and vice versa.

4. Once you get your kit, installation will be easy to follow:

Tips? We highly recommend mounting the ballast to the side of the frame rail with tiny sheet metal screws and additional zip ties as needed. Wire clean up includes sliding the wire from the ballast to the bulb under the light housing as you’re completing your installation. Acurazine will show you the tools you need, how to mount the ballast, and even help you with color temperature or ballast dilemmas. http://acurazine.com/forums/second-generation-tl-1999-2003-98/diy-hid-convert-oem-aftermarket-clean-install-847401/

Check out this install as well:  http://blog.modifystreet.com/replace-stock-ballast-with-aftermarket-ballast-with-amp-to-d2s-adapter/

HIDextra’s D2R and D2S HID kit includes two bulb and two ballast with built in igniter along with all the wiring you need for a complete installation, and we do not recommend replacing just the bulb or the ballast because mixing and matching part between factory and aftermarket may result in non-proper functionality of the HID kit. And from our experience, Acura TL’s do not require additional capacitors or relay harnesses.

All our kits are covered under a one year warranty as well as a 60 day full refund/exchange policy. So if you are not satisfied with your kit, return the kit to us within 60 days for a full refund or exchange. To further assist you please visit HIDeXtra.com or simply contact us at 1-860-821-8212. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am-6:00pm PST.