DR650 LED Headlight Conversion from HIDextra with REX4x4

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

We have a new video up for our RAZIR LED headlights. Our friend REX 4x4 did an install on his DR650 motorcycle to show us how easy it was for him and included a comparison of his new LED headlights versus his old halogen lights. You will see a huge difference in this video. Take a look!

RAZIR LED Kit can be found HERE.

We’ve designed our RAZIR™ Motorcycle LED Headlight Kits to revolutionize the way we light up the road. Experience the newest cutting edge motorcyle lighting technology. A “sharper crisp light” that HIDs and halogens doesn’t have. This effect will give headlights that highly desired crystal clear effect auto manufacturers often refer to. We  know that you have little room to install additional accessories on your bike, that's why we make this kit easy to install - just the LED bulb with built in components. A true plug and play “Twist and Go” design with built-in CANBUS meaning zero interference, making this the only lighting kit compatible with motorcyle on the road today. Keep your hands on those bars and we'll make sure you see the road ahead.

We’ve done our research and how we stand out from everyone else. The RAZIR Motorcycle LED bulbs are designed with a new bubble illumination technology to house the very best CREE LEDs. HIDExtra's Razir LED is the ONLY LED Headlight Kit that addresses the most critical flaw of other LED kits. We have the correct beam pattern so you are no longer looking at scattered light at night.The bulbs itself are made of aluminum enclosed with a 7000rpm fan to deliver maximum airflow, making the entire LED bulb IP67 approved, meaning waterproof. You’ll experience zero color fading and low power consumption, this way to can concentrate on the road ahead.