Easy Mods: Father's Day Edition with HID Kits

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

We are adding a new segment to our blog starting this month and each month from now on focusing on modifications that anyone can do. Since we are in June and Father's Day is coming upon us we will help make your father's or yours one step closer to being cool! Hopefully, you will be able to hang with the younger kids at car meets now (JK). Lets get started! For this segment we will make it easy and focus on HIDs purchase and installation since this modification is probably the first one everyone would want to do.

Why HIDs?

We all want brighter lights at night driving since it will help us see better on dark roads! HIDs are becoming the standard on most cars replacing halogen bulbs. A few advantages for switching to HIDs:

  • HIDs produce more light than halogen and are much more energy efficient.
  • HIDs can generate more than 3000 Lumens vs Halogens at around 1400 Lumens.
  • HIDs have a long lifespan, estimated at around 2,000 hours.

If you want to know more about the differences between Halogen bulbs versus HIDs, you can read the previous blog post HERE.

Before purchasing one of our HID Kits we suggest you double check with your owner's manual for the correct bulb replacement or you can use our Vehicle's Bulb Guide or you can chat with one of our representative online or over the phone to check. After checking, you may have a bulb size that will give you the option of choosing Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon bulbs.

  • Hi/Lo Bulbs: A Hi/Lo kit converts the low beam to HID while high beam stays as halogen.
  • Bi-Xenon Bulbs: This kit will convert both low beams and high beams to HIDs.

Color Temperatures

Whether you’re looking for style or performance, or both, HIDextra has the perfect bulb color temperature for your HID Kit. Our Golden Yellow (3000k) produces an eye-catching deep yellow, Ice Blue (8000k) outputs a baby blue color while our Deep Blue (10000k) produces a rich blue output which is perfect for any car enthusiast. But our customers have spoken and said that our Factory White (5000k) is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for the brightest visibility and an OEM color temperature. Popular alongside our 5000k bulbs, the Intense White (6000k) is brightest with a hint of blue, combining style and performance for any year/make/model. Go HERE for your color options.

Which Ballasts to Pick

Signature Series (35w): Standard size ballast with 35wattage going to the HID bulb.

Power Series (55w): Provides 20% more wattage to the HID bulb which provide 30-40% more brightness comparing with the 35w HID kit.

Stealth Series (35w): Slim ballast which is about half the size of a regular ballast and it is also 35w, frequently used for installation on vehicle that is more compact in the engine area for easier installation.

PRO Series (55w): The PRO Canbus ballast is everything the discontinued Volt Canbus has PLUS it’s a 55w Ballast (like out 55w Power Series) Our top of line HID ballast with the most advance built in component that will eliminate any issue a vehicle’s computer system have with aftermarket HID. This ballast has the built in cancellers and will also help with flickering issues that some vehicles may experience. And the Canbus ballast also produces the light output (lumens) of 4200 and the quality of the ballast is equivalent to OEM ballast. A very high quality HID Kit recommend for all year, make, and model vehicle. We recommend this ballast for all new 2013/2014/2015 vehicles.

Extra Accessories

Some vehicles will need a Relay Harness and or Capacitors to help with the flickering, error codes and power draw issues. Please contact us to check if you will need them.