Featured Guest: Freddy from Poor Man Mods

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

Featured Guest of the Month

We recently connected with a gentleman by the name of Mike, a/k/a Freddy, from Poor Man Mods. At the time, HIDeXtra was launching a new product and we wanted a talented car enthusiast that could help us relay the message across his channels. Let's learn a little bit more about who Mike is and what he does.


Mike Frederick ("Freddy") from Poor Man Mods


York, Pennsylvania

What do you do? 

I do lots of things. I am a bouncer at a bar, I film professional baseball games, I'm a tele-communications technician, and of course I make YouTube videos for Poor Man Mods!


My hobbies are videography, photography, working on and driving cars, skateboarding, and lifting weights.

What is Poor Man Mods? 

Poor Man Mods is a YouTube-based DIY automotive modification show. We modify a variety of vehicles including the Corolla AE86, MKIII Supra, Turbocharged Sentra SpecV, Impreza RS, IS300, 240sx, TransAm WS6, Fox Body Mustang, and 1966 Mustang Coupe.

Check out the channel by clicking here: Poor Man Mods.

I started doing a lot of "how-to" write ups for my Nissan Sentra on some forums, and a lot of people mentioned how it would be more helpful if they had a video to watch instead of a write up. Then people started asking me to do videos instead of the write ups, and that has evolved into what Poor Man Mods is today.

Our purpose is to show people how to work on and modify their cars on a budget and to show that you don't need expensive tools and a professional shop to have fun with your car and customize it. We also to help inspire and motivate people to get out there and get their hands dirty!

What are your future goals? 

Future goals for the show are to get the Supra to a track and see what it can do, get an engine installed in the AE86 and drive it, and go to Japan with the guys from 1Point3 productions, LabJapan and DonaldJacksonDrift to film an epic documentary!

What is your dream car? 

My dream car is the Koenigsegg Agera R. It is just absolutely perfect, amazing, and mind blowing to me.

Could you recommend a product from HIDeXtra.com for your viewers? 

I absolutely love the Razir LED Headlight Kit. I could not believe how much better they were than my factory lights in my Impreza RS. I want to install them in every car that I own.  

HIDeXtra Collaboration Video

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