Featured Video: RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar

Posted by Justin L on 13th Sep 2017

The Best LED Tailgate Light Bar

HIDextra released their brand new RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar for trucks and SUVs recently and it has been a huge hit. We want you to check out this video we had done showcasing the RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar usability and ease of installation. There are many tailgates out there in the market but we made sure that this is the ONLY RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar you will ever need.

RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar

tailgate brake light bar

RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar

Available in 60” and 48"

Our RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar is guaranteed to make sure anyone from behind your vehicle see you from a far. Our fully functional tailgate offers running lights, brake, turn signals, and reverse light. These lights are 5x brighter than your stock setup. 


Running light



Left and Right Turn Signal (Red Blink).

The Tech

RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar uses our RAZIR LED technology with a total of 90 LED to increase output by 35% over the standard LED.

This will maximize visibility to your truck in any conditions with 2340 lumens of light. 

Our Razir LED Tailgate Light Bar is made from PolyCarb lens with Diecast Aluminum Housing. 

Rated Lifetime of 50,000 hours. 16w, 3v

Thank you

We would love for you to get your hands on one so we are offering 10% off for a limited time. Please use code "tailgate10" during checkout to receive the discount. We dare you to try it. Go to our site RAZIR LED Tailgate

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