From Stock to Show Car: 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

From All Stock to All Show

2008 Honda Civic SI

Hi my name is Orry and I drive a 2008 Honda civic si sedan.  I have had the car for almost 3 years and it is my favorite build I’ve done to date. The car was purchased to be a simple daily driven fun car. Told myself this car was to remain “Stock”. But as all car enthusiasts know once you have the bug to modify cars it's hard to leave anything “stock".

In the first year of modding, I went with replica wheels to replace the stock rims from the dealership. My second mod and probably most popular bolt-on is the air intake to give the car a little more growl when I open it up on the road. Since it was my first year modding I wanted to make sure I was right with the brands and products

Year 2 is where I really started to get the bug to really start changing things up. Year 2 is also the year I came across HIDEXTRA when I did my HID setup using their 35watt 6000k setup.

After that I added  carbon Kevlar pieces in the engine bay along with a full 3.5in cold air intake to replace the short ram version I had. I added a header and full catback exhaust to really start letting the car open itself up. The K- series motor in the car really screams in VTEC with the bolt-ons and a tune. This year,  I started working on ideas for the car with my friend, Brian, owner of Showstoppers USA New Jersey. His shop carries all the best parts and accessories you can get. This was the time when the car started to get a carbon fiber makeover including the trunk/hood/spoiler.

Also started to make the engine where it is today by switching up the Kevlar pieces to full carbon fiber to match the exterior. Also while adding those pieces I went ahead and painted the valve cover and intake manifold wrinkle black to give the bay some pop in contrast with the red accents pieces against the carbon fiber.

Which came out looking like this. 

This season is the 3rd season with my modifications so I decided to work on the interior of the car. Brian took the car and installed a bolt-in half cage in red t0 match the body of the car. With the addition to the cage came the Takata racing seats and 3in harnesses.  I also added the carbon fiber canards on the bumper to give it that added aggressive look. Also added a custom subwoofer box in the trunk surrounded by carbon fiber which will stand out with the new RAZIR LED interior strips I have yet to installed.

For the future, my plans include going some sort of forced induction -  turbo or supercharger. I have the itch for more power. I also have the plans to add a splitter to the lower of the bumper here in the next couple weeks and also plan on switching out the HID for a set of RAZIR™ LED Headlights for that added light performance. For anyone out there inspiring to build or mod a car. One piece of advice I could give would be to never give up on your dream and just keep pushing towards the goal you have set your mind to. This has been a 3 year push for me and I am far from done. Here is the full mod list also a side by side shot of the car from day 1 versus now.


seibon carbon rr style hood

seibon carbon oem style trunk

seibon type r style spoiler

password jdm cf cooling plate,cf ecu,fuse box covers

ktuned oil cap/dipstick and fuel rail

wrinkle black valve cover and intake mani

lightweight pullys

oem hfp front and rear lips

carbon fiber canards

tein lowering springs

bwr subframe brace

hybrid racing cold air intake

skunk 2 alpha header

invidia q300 catback

takata seats with takata 3in harness

autopower roll bar color matched to car

volk gt7 rims with rays engineering lug nuts

custom sub box featuring a 12in alpine type r sub outlined in seibon cf

ebc slotted rotors with ebc green stuff pads