Getting Your Car Ready for the Summer - Part 1.

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

Time to show off your ride!

As we get closer to summer you will notice a lot more modified cars, motorcycles and trucks hitting the roads. That is because car shows , such as National Hot Imports or locally held West Coast Customs, are about to get started as the weather gets warmer. Most of us, if not all, have been to at least one car show. If you haven't then you must try to go to one locally and check out the entertainment. Car enthusiasts or not, everyone there will get to check out new rides, wild modifications, or just for the pure entertainment from car vendors and exhibitors. The thrill of seeing all these modified cars will have us wondering if we could ever put our own vehicle in a show and what will it take to be in one. Some of us will just want our ride to look good enough to park next to a show-ready car. We will talk lights as it is probably the easiest and least expensive modifications you can do.

Plan your mods.

Many enthusiasts such as myself would have a unique look and style. For me, I want my car to be clean and simple with minor exterior modifications. Lights can be the best mods you can add that will make your ride pop with a subtle flare. Think about the headlights, tail lights, underbody, interior and wheel well. Ask yourself how you want to make your ride pop.

HIDs or LED Lights.

Upgrading your headlights should be the first thing you do for an easy mod. You are not going to turn heads with dim yellow lights so do yourself a favor and change them. Not only are they good for looks but it can help you see better at night. Most newer cars come with HIDs or LED lights pre-installed. If you are still riding with Halogens, there are conversion kits that you can install quickly.

There are many HID conversion kits available online that can be installed within an hour of your time. Look for the plug and play kits to make life easy. Companies such as will offer an all-in-one kit for a quick and painless installation.

There are three things you have to know when you are picking your HIDs. First, what is the correct bulb size for your car. Second, which ballasts are you going to get. Most standard ballasts are either 35w or 55w but there are 25w ballasts made available for fog lights. Third, pick your color temperature. Keep in mind about for your state's law and pick something that you will not get ticketed for when driving. I would stay away from purple or deep blue. Go with 6000k as it will give you a nice white/blue tint and can brighten the night. Then again, if you are using this for your show car then pick any colors you like. You can see available kits at this LINK.

LED headlights is the newest technology in lighting and is becoming readily affordable for everyone. You can see a comparison video HERE to see it in action. Some benefits of going LED: it has zero lag when turning on, zero interference, energy efficient, and it doesn't require additional ballasts. Another glaring benefit is that LED beam patterns are not scattered compared to their HID counterpart. RAZIR LED lights are affordable and they are ready to be installed. HIDextra have them on sale HERE.

This is a win-win situation if you pick HID or LED as it will look and function a lot better than halogens. That being said, swapping out old school yellow lights to the nice crispy white light will definitely turn heads when you hit the night life.

Interior and Exterior LED Lights.

The "show" in "show-car" is mainly because of their aesthetic appearances. If you want to look flashy then you should think about getting LED underbody kits and LED wheel well kits to stand out in the crowd. There are many variations of LED kits that you can choose. There are LED strips that you can cut to a certain lengths and then there are bars that you are limited to a specific length. Interior LED lights can be single bulbs or you may find the LED strips to be feasible. We have a few sample images of what LED lights could look like after an install.

LED Underbody Kits.

LED Wheel Well Kits


LED Interior Kits

This is only the first part to get your started in thinking about showcasing your ride. Adding lights is probably the easiest step but one of the most important as it will outshine the other rides around you.