HID Kits for Dodge Rams: Installation Tips & Tricks

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

Dodge: How to purchase the right HID kit for your Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram HID Kit upgrades are probably one of the most popular upgrades for Dodge Ram owners to increase brightness and visibility. Yet they can also be one of the more frustrating HID installs for certain year make and models.  So let us walk you through the difference in our kits, compatibility issues we’ve seen and our solutions including recommendations!

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and uses an advanced lighting technology that consumes an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas in the bulb. These bulbs are now electrified by the ballast to produce a light much brighter (and uses less energy) compared to the existing halogen bulbs in your Dodge.

Please follow the chart below for your bulb type or simply contact us at 1-860-821-8212 for further assistance.

Dodge Ram Year Hi/Low Beam Kit Fog Light/Driving Additional Components Needed
2003-2005 9007 Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon 9006 Capacitors
2006-2008 H13 (9008) Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon 9006 Relay & Capacitors
2009 (4 H/L) Low- H11 & Hi-9005 High & Low Beam separate 9145 or 9006 (check user manual) Capacitors
2009 (2 H/L) H13 (9008) Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon 9006 Relay & Capacitors
2010 (2 H/L) H13 (9008) Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon 9145 Relay & Capacitors
2010 (4 H/L) Low- H11 & Hi-9005 High & Low Beam separate 9145 Capacitors

What is the difference between a Hi/Lo kit and a Bi-Xenon kit?

A Hi/Lo kit coverts the low beam to HID while high beam stays as halogen. A Bi-Xenon Kit converts both low beam and high beam to HID with one single bulb that shifts upward when is switched to high beam. This upward shift in the Bi-Xenon bulb creates a further light projection to increase visibility. For most vehicles the Hi/Lo HID Kits are highly recommended since most car owners use only the low beams for everyday driving.

Incompatibilities we’ve seen with Dodge vehicles:

We must inform you that Dodge vehicles do support aftermarket HID headlights, however because of the electronic control systems used in Dodges and applications with Daytime Running Lights, HID kits for Dodge applications often require some additional wiring accessories (capacitors and/or relays) in order to function properly. On some applications where relays/capacitors are not installed there is a flickering/strobing of the lights after installation or an inconsistent on and off of one/both HID headlights. This is due to the unstable HID output created by Dodge unique voltage control system (fluctuating power sent to headlights). Other cases where a relay or capacitor is not installed can case some dodges that are equipped with computer controlled headlights where after installation the dashboard computer will emit the “lights out” error message.

You’re in Luck! How we’ve helped our customers enjoy HID lights in their Dodge Rams!

All our HIDExtra HID kits feature a Plug and Play feature which makes installation extremely easy and troubleshooting even easier. We’ve seen that often by adding a relay or pair of capacitors (Why do we need capacitors/relays?) common Dodge HID issues are resolved.

In some rare cases there have been incompatibility issues (regardless of the use of relays/capacitors) for the Dodge RAM and the Bi-xenon HID Kit. We believe this is due to Dodge Ram’s sometimes installing different wiring systems for the same year make and model. We’ve tested identical year/make/model units where one truck’s HID’s light up perfectly and the other identical truck has issues despite placing the same HID kit and setup on the second truck. In those RARE cases, we highly recommend going with the Hi/Lo HID Kit and purchasing a pair of capacitors to eliminate any possible flickering and error messages. With that in mind we recommend our Volt Series, which is our top of line ballast with the most advance built in component (capacitors) that will eliminate any issue your Dodge’s computer system may have with aftermarket HID. Our Volt Canbus HID ballast produces the light output (lumens) equivalent to 55w lumens output while only using 35w (comparable to OEM). This makes it a very high quality HID Kit recommended for Dodges of all year, make and models.

And our newest 55w PRO Canbus HID Kit: This Kit includes our top of line HID ballasts with the most advance built in components (ECM warning cancellers) that will eliminate any issue a vehicle’s computer system may have with aftermarket HID in which adapts to electronic pulses from the vehicle. An HID kit that will help with flickering issues, eliminate dashboard warnings and an output of 4200 lumens will ensure you stay safe on the dark roads ahead of you. A very high quality HID Kit recommend for all year, make, and model vehicle. We recommend this ballast for all new 2013/2014/2015 and headlights such as Dodge and Jeeps or luxury vehicles as well as vehicles with computer controlled headlamps.


1. Flickering of headlights

a. Disable daytime running lights

b. Check the ground

c. Add Relay Harness hidextra.com/relay/ (if using H13 bulb type)

d. Add Capacitors hidextra.com/capacitor/ (all other bulb types + H13 bulb type)

2. If the flickering happens only on one side, try to switch the ballast from left to right and see if the flickering problem follows

a. If follows, ballast may be defective and we can simply send you a new replacement ballast.

b. If it does not follow, you have a defective bulb and we’d be happy to send you a replacement.

3. Kit does not work and will not turn on

a. We understand the plug normally plugs into the ballast only one way however to reverse the polarity you can actually take the plug and flip it 180 degree and plug it back in the ballast.

4. Relay harness is making a loud buzzing noise

a. Disconnect the relay harness and just use the capacitors

5. Error message “lights out” on dashboard

a. Upgrade to Volt Series with built in capacitors or purchase capacitors separately

6. Lights will not turn on consistently and/or interchange sides

a. Add Relay Harness hidextra.com/relay/ (if using H13 bulb type)

b. Add Capacitors hidextra.com/capacitor/ (all other bulb types + H13 bulb type)

What color HID kit is the most popular?

Color is all based on customer’s preference, but we’ve seen that our 5000k is the most popular color temperature amongst Dodge customers. We’ve also seen that it is very common for customers to match their headlights with their fog lights.

  • 3000k - Golden yellow produces an eye-catching deep yellow.
  • 5000k - Factory white is the classic choice comparable to OEM. Our most popular choice.
  • 6000k - Intense white is the brightest white bulb with a hint of blue.
  • 8000k - Icy blue combines styling and performance.
  • 10000k - Deep blue has a rich blue output.

Why HIDextra?

We’re known for our “WOW” customer service team as well as our one year warranty on all our kits. So if you’re simply not satisfied with your kit or if it does not fit, return the kit to us within 60 days for a full refund or exchange. Whatever it may be, we’re here to help you get it right!