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HIDExtra: Introducing the All New Stealth Series V.2

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HIDExtra introduces the all NEW Stealth V.2 Series HID Kits!

We've made a number of upgrades to our Stealth series kits maintain the slim stealth design while reducing all the original drawbacks of slim hid ballasts.

  1. All new aluminum casing enhances heat dissipation for smaller HID ballast that typically have less area for heat dissipation.
  2. An upgraded ASIC Digital Chip that enhances the lumens produced per watts. Slim ballast have been known to generate less efficient "lumens per watt" than a standard ballast and hence a slightly less brighter light. Our enhanced ASIC chip allows for the same amount of light output as our Signature ballast and hence a "whiter" and "brighter" light
  3. Enhanced OEM Grade HID Ballast wiring that is UL Certified to ensure that the power generated by the Stealth ballast is delivered precisely, consistently, and without loss of voltage to the bulb.