Holiday Shopping Guide 2017

Posted by Vivian C. on 9th Nov 2017

While everyone's lighting up their home, you could be lighting up your ride.

We get it. Be the first to get your hands on upgrades for the holiday season!

RAZIR ColorBEND Rock Lights

Take off-roading to the next level.

Get the party started - and by party, we mean a multi-color, audio-synced light show that happens to come in a set of waterproof, terrain-tested pods. 

With Bluetooth connection and everything you need in the box, we would recommend that you get these multi-colored rock lights  installed on your ride before your next off-road adventure.

RAZIR LED Headlights

These LED upgrades are for real drivers.

It's hard to know treasure from trash with all the  LED headlight options on the market, but we'll pitch a vote for these crisp RAZIR LEDs. 

The twist 'n go design, ultra-boosted visibility, and promising lifespan are just the cherry on top of the sexy upgrade.

RAZIR Triple Tailgate

Make an impact on the drivers behind you.

Send clear cues, and look good doing it. The RAZIR Triple Tailgate Bar features a solid light beam that sets you apart from most dotted-line designs. 

Simply peel and stick onto the rear of your ride for turn, reverse, braking, and driving signals that shine up to 5 times brighter than stock tail lights.

HID Headlights

Tried-and-true and more bad-ass than ever.

HID headlight lovers will drool over our selection of HID headlight upgrades, curated for every type of car we've been able to get our hands on! 

If you're still driving with stock halogens, you need to level up your look and visibility with quality HIDs ASAP.