Installation Guide and Video for RAZIR Glow LED Interior Strip Kits

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

Car customizations have grown from the basic HID installation, to full blown wide body kits. As we try make our car stands out from the crowd of many, we need to figure out all the details and what to make it stand out. Today we are showing our viewers one of the easier modification you can do at home. Ian, known as Fresh_WRX on his social media pages and Youtube, put together an amazing video for us on his installation process. Lets take a look and feel free contacting us at with any questions. Enjoy the video and installation Guide!

Interior LED Strip Kit Installation Video

Installation Guide

1. Open all boxes to remove the contents and lay them out neatly. There will be additional instructions from the box.

2. You will need a screw driver with Philips and flat head attachments, a small ratchet wrench of a short extender with 12mm socket, and needle nose plier or a wire crimping and stripping tool.

3. Locate and open up your fuse box in your cabin.

4. Locate 10amp fuse for cigarette lighter and connect the positive wire from control box to fuse tab and crimp.

5. Locate the side panel to ground the wire.

6. Install the OEM 10amp fuse into the fuse tab and insert into the empty 10amp slot.

7. Clean off the surface with rubbing alcohol to wear you would like to attach the LED Light Strips. Press firmly to make sure there is good contact.

8. Find the location where you would like to run the extension wire through to connect the LED strip (video shows through the back of the center dash). Tuck it neatly behind the dash and zip-tie if needed. Clip off excess zip-ties.

9. Run the rear LED wires by tucking in under the trim of the center console to get to the rear of the front seats. You can hide the wires under the carpet or by the trim.

10. LED strips can be placed underneath the front seats. Connect the strips to the extension wires that you just ran through. Note: Make sure all wires are away from the seat rails so they do not get caught when sliding seats.

11. Connect all four of the extension wires to the main control box. Then connect the control box to the rear of the steering column or any location you feel is the best.

12 Tuck all wires away and use zip-ties to make a clean install.

13. Make sure the car charging port(cigarette lighter) work and LED strips work before replacing all the trim.

Map Lights Install:

1. Remove the housing with a flat head and be careful removing it without scratching.

2. Remove the OEM bulbs and replace with new HIDextra LED bulbs.

Truck Light Install:

1. Remove the housing carefully.

2. Replace the OEM with the new LED bulb.

We hope this helped you out with your new HIDextra RAZIR LED Interior Light Strips. If you have any question, please feel free contacting us directly on chat or by phone. Thank you Fresh_WRX for the video install and we want to thank all of our customers!