Introducing HIDeXtra’s New Bulb Finder Tool

Posted by Evelyn Bai on 12th Sep 2017

Converting Your Halogen Headlights is So Easy It’s Scary!

Many car enthusiasts are shy about undertaking DIY car mods, and with good reason. Some mods require advanced mechanical knowledge and are straight-up expensive as well. Now that fall is here and long daylight hours are quickly fading, it’s a great time to consider one of the easiest mods out there: headlight conversion kits.

Do your factory-installed halogen headlights cast off a gloomy yellow light? Do luxury cars with enchantingly crisp LEDs make you howl with jealousy? Do you think new headlights will take a huge bite out of your wallet?

HIDeXtra’s affordable HID and LED conversion kits are so easy to install they’ll give you goosebumps. Our plug-and-play technology makes it possible for even a novice to upgrade their creepy halogen headlights to new technology that lights up the road ahead -- just in time for Halloween driving.

Where do you start? With the right bulb, of course. HIDeXtra carries bulbs for most makes and models, but we won’t leave you in the dark -- our Bulb Finder will guide you in the right direction. Now the proper bulb fitment is a simple mouse click away.

  • To the left of the Bulb Type dropdown box, click the red question mark. A new dialog box will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Fill in the form with your vehicle's information from left to right. This is important! The system will not let you go out of order. Once you complete all four fields, the bulb information will appear. If you wish to start over, simple click the red "Reset" button.

  • Done!

Headlights: check. But why stop there? Upgrade your tail lights, interior lights, and add some bewitching LED fog lights while you’re at it -- all with the same easy plug-and-play installation.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of driving an awesome car. Upgrade to HID or LED headlights today -- no tricks, all treats! Now hand over your Snickers and no one gets hurt. 

HIDeXtra has been a leader in aftermarket headlights since 2008. We design and manufacture our own line of HID (Xenon) and LED lighting (including off road lighting, interior & exterior lighting, and headlight housings) for both cars and motorcycles. Our commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service is unmatched in our industry -- see for yourself! HIDeXtra: Where Extra Means Everything.