Is this the new Toyota Supra?

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

The New Toyota Supra is almost here!

Spy photos are the best, no not those ones you sicko. We are talking about automotive spy photos and nothing else so get your mind out of the gutter! This time around we have photos of the new Toyota Supra replacement super-car. Let us know what you think about the look of the car with camo of course.

We now have our best look yet at the eagerly awaited Toyota Supra successor FT-1 concept car. These photos gives us a really good look at the shape, headlights and tail lights of the car. We may be looking at the final production or close-to-be production car as it shows a lot of traits from the FT-1 original concept. However, the concept's dramatic diffuser and vents have disappeared, and the exhaust outlets have been moved to more conventional cut-outs in the base of the rear bumper. Not sure if this is better compared to the concept but for practicality this will be fine for us.

This is clearest in the headlights, which are simple, oval-shaped units. These lights are almost retro in shape, looking more like the rounded lights on the fourth-generation Supra than anything in Toyota's current lineup. Our photographer also noted that the full-width lower grille indicates further deviation from the concept, on which the nose bisected the lower grille. With this in mind, it's possible the pointy nose on this test mule and on the FT-1 may disappear in favor of a smooth front bumper.

The lack of camo also provides a reminder that this car will share more than just its platform with a new BMW, the replacement for the Z4, rumored to be called Z5. The side mirrors on this test car look to have been plucked from a Bavarian parts bin, and earlier spy shots show a lot of BMW switchgear inside. We'd love to see a turbocharged inline-six make it in as well, although the rumor is that the engine will be a Toyota turbo four. Until the car makes its debut, we can dream, right?