Making Lights Smarter with A.I.

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

Making Lights Smarter

Ever sat at a traffic light and wonder why the hell it is taking forever to switch over to green? We all have been there and it does get really bad when there isn't a light sensor installed at the particular stop. Don't mention if you own a motorcycle because you might as well run the red light when it's safe to do so.

Your commute could get shorter as lights will one day be equipped with artificial-intelligence brains. What does this mean for people? Well, it just means traffic will be a lot less because the flow will be regulated better. Lights with A.I will collect data from camera, and radar signals to coordinate the system to ensure that traffic passes quickly. Eventually, every traffic lights will have A.I in order for this system to be efficient.

A startup named, Surtrac, has been upgrading systems in Pittsburg with artificial intelligence and they plan to  enable the system to communicate directly with cars. Benefits are reduced travel time by 25 percent and idle time in traffic by 40 percent. This will lead to reducing emissions by 21 percent.

Technology is getting better with lights. We already have smart bulbs to use in our homes and now automotive makers are tinkering with lights that can sense objects in the middle of the road. As lights evolve, we have to offer a solution to make living life easier.