Mods Center: Best Car Modifications

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

Best Car Modifications

What would you do if you had an unlimited amount of money to fix up your car? Would you make it go as fast as possible, or just add style and flares for look? How about speed and style combined? Here are some modifications that may break the bank, but you know you'll have the coolest ride on the block. We will count down the top five, from least expensive to the most that you can do to your vehicles.

5. Automotive Lights

Automotive lighting is probably easiest and most affordable upgrade you could do to your vehicle. For headlights, your options are to go with a full headlamp conversion kit with projector and angel eyes (halos), or just upgrade the bulbs (halogen, HIDs, or LEDs). Before doing so, please review the vehicle owner's manual for details on the exact bulb size. You can also find bulb guides online at or Sylvania's main site.

Tail light conversions enable you to swap out the housing for a better aesthetic look. Options include stock housing, chrome housing, or carbon fiber/black housing. The choices are limitless as to how you want your vehicle to look -- make it interesting to show off that ride! Tail light housings are available here.

Interior lighting is just as important for the style and feel of your car. LEDs are used to change the interior lighting for a brighter look or just for the color schemes. There are kits available that will change the lights to any color, sync with music beats, strobe, or always-on. Check out these options available now at HIDeXtra.

4. Custom Paint

"Cream on the inside, clean on the outside, ice cream paint job." Now who wouldn't want to roll up and have all eyes on your ride because of that fresh paint job? Custom paint jobs are a must if you want the attention. Famous cars in movies always have a color that pops and makes everyone seeing them wanting one. You can pay as little as $300-$500 for a basic job but if you want to stand out, be prepared to shell out an average of $2000-$5000 for that candy apple two-tone red.

Custom Painted Camaro

3. Rims and Tires

One of the most important parts of your car that you should consider upgrading are your wheels. Some rims just look great, and there are other rims that are made specifically for racing. Prices vary greatly with by style and composite material of the wheels.

While tires are not optional on cars, we recommend going with tires that suit your driving. Whether you're a commuter or a weekend monster, you will be able to find the correct tires for that specific need. Ask the professionals and keep in mind that brand names don't always ensure quality.

Audi Custom Wheels

2. Exhaust

Now, let's talk about that loud rumbling sound you hear from a mile away. You already know what it is but have no idea what kind of car is making that sound. The exhaust will be a fun addition to your vehicle because not only will it help with your horsepower output but it will give your car or truck that mean growl, letting people know that they better get out of the way. The purpose of an exhaust system is not to be obnoxious or for show; most racing exhaust serves the purpose of letting the exhaust fumes exit the car quickly for more clean air to combust. Keep in mind that you will need to combine the exhaust with a new header if you want to maximize the output of your engine's potential power.

Toyota TRD Exhaust

1. Turbo Chargers

This is the final and most expensive addition in our opinion if you were to do this correctly. Not only will this add speed to your car but it will make sure you have that wow factor when you take off at the line on an 2015 Corvette. A turbo charger is a part that will compress air into your engine to increase quick power and acceleration. Have you heard that air sound and then a blow off at the end? Yes, that would be a turbo charger doing its work spooling air into the engine cylinders. This is the quick and expensive solution for power to the engine.

Turbo Charger

What will you do?

Now after seeing all of these awesome modifications you can do to your vehicles will you shell out your money? Keep in mind that this is not a cheap hobby to start. But we can tell you that the most affordable modification on this list will be products from HIDeXtra Lighting is the first and foremost modification that anyone can do without being so techie.