Off Road at Night Like a Boss

Posted by Evelyn Bai on 12th Sep 2017

Off roading is a popular activity among truck and SUV drivers, but driving off into the darkness without proper lighting is never a good idea. By definition, “off road” driving indicates driving that is done on unsurfaced roads like riverbeds, mud, sand, rocks, and other natural terrain, usually without the benefit of street lights. Not being able to see under these conditions obviously creates safety issues that can be easily avoided with the right equipment; namely, lighting. The headlamps you use must be powerful enough to cut through the thickest fog, the darkest forest, and illuminate the roughest trails. Changing or adding to your existing headlights will help you drive safely no matter where you go.

Besides safety issues, you want your car or truck to look awesome too, right? If you’re new to off roading, you may not know where to begin. Here are two questions to help you get started in the right direction ...  

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Have?

A large vehicle like a truck or SUV can carry light bars on its roof for easy vision, but you can fit LED light pods to the grill of your smaller vehicle. While you can off road in many types of vehicles, you must select lights that fit your car best. Choose lights with the proper rigging, and do not be afraid to fit multiple sets of lights to your car. Using upper and lower lights will give you more visibility at night. Make your selection carefully before starting the installation process.  

What Sort of Lights Do You Need?

HID and LED headlights provide much more light power for your vehicle, and you will definitely notice a difference when you replace your original halogen bulbs with them. The halogen bulbs you probably have on your car today are made for highway driving, but will not be very helpful when you take your vehicle off roading. First, replace your headlamps with LED or HID bulbs that will give you a clearer field of vision on or off road, then add additional light bars or light pods for off roading.

Here are two main types of off road lights and what they do:

Light Bars

Light bars produce a wide swath of light, up, down, and across, useful both for navigating the road and providing excellent visibility when stationary, like when setting up a campsite. Combo light bars use both flood and spot beams to project light both far and wide. Check out our RAZIR Pro Series Combo LED Off Road/Utility Light Bar and our RAZIR Combo LED Off Road/Utility Light Bar.     

Light Pods

Light pods provide more directed, shorter beams of light, useful when driving in fog conditions, for example. Low-directed beams don't "bounce" off fog but cut under it, lighting up the road ahead. LED pods come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and taste. Choose from HIDeXtra's circular, square, and 4" spot utility light pods.       NOTE: HIDeXtra will be launching mounting brackets soon. Stay tuned for more information on requirements for your specific vehicle.

Selecting the proper lights for your car can be challenging, but you must decide what you need before going off-road. Every off-road vehicle needs strong lights that show you precisely where you are going on the most rugged of trails. You will have greater visibility, have a fun & safe trip … and look like a boss.

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