Off-roading Lights with RAZIR™ 50" Curved LED Light Bars

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

RAZIR™ 50" Curved LED Light Bars Available Now!

Here it is! We listened to you guys and now the 50" curved LED is available online. Just in time for Fall and off-roading season. We know that compatibility is very important with your ride so we have teamed up with Rago Fabrication to offer custom mounts. There shouldn't be any issues with fitments but if there is then let us know!

Why the RAZIR PRO Curved over any other? We are able to produce more light thanks to our RAZIR LED Cree Technology. Our light bars can handle more abuse because of their heavy duty IP67 waterproof construction. Plus our light bars will outlast the competition because of our new "Quick Cooling" design with over-sized fins. We give you multiple application options by having our lights bar available in 8" to 50" lengths.

New features include relocating the power cord to the side of the light bar which allows for larger a heat sink. We have also increased the length of the heatsink fins to optimize heat dissipation. We can promise you longer LED life and maximum light intensity with the RAZIR™ PRO Curved improved design. With this quality you will be able to see clearer and further, making your trip as adventurous as you want it to be.

The curvature design sits nicely above the windshield as it contours to the line of the roof. This is the light you want to get.

Add the RAZIR LED Control Switch to your order and we’ll have the connection terminals crimped onto the wires making it a true plug and play install. We make it that easy.

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