Photo Contest: Winner #1 (HID Kit Giveaway)

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

Recently, we have wanted to show our customers how much we loved them, so we decided to launch our very first Photo Contest. In order to show our appreciation we gave away THREE different prizes to THREE different winners! We asked what rides they owned and we wanted to know why they should win. After a tough decision, we announced the winners shortly thereafter. Here is our customer’s 2013 Chevrolet Cruze with our HID Kit Giveaway… who said new cars don’t need HIDs.

Why Bi-Xenon? A Bi-Xenon Kit converts both low beam and high beam to HID with one single bulb that shifts when it is switched to high beam. This shift in the Bi-Xenon bulb creates a further light projection to increase visibility. For drivers who use the high beams at all, especially in rural areas, we highly recommend the Bi-Xenon kit.

The Power Series 55w ballast: Provides 20% more wattage to the HID bulb which presents 30-40% more brightness when comparing to the 35w HID kit. This ballast is hands down our most popular!

The Kit: H13 Bi-Xenon 55w 5000k.

You must agree, they look awesome! Thanks Mo for the pictures! Enjoy your HIDs.