Picking the Right Ballast for Your HID Kit

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

We've recently had a number of customers who were confused about what was the best ballast option for them. This chart gives you a visual representation of our ballast offerings and provides you a short description of each type's key benefits, as well as providing some insight as to why you would want to compare our ballasts with other providers in the market.

Why should I buy a ballast from HIDextra?

Let's start off with why our products stand out regardless of what type of HID ballast you select from HIDextra.

Here are three critical things that HIDextra ballasts go through that nearly all other brands do not:

1. We do not purchase our HID ballasts from other distributors. We purchase high quality ballast parts from all over the world and have our third party team assemble them specifically for us. WE control the quality of the raw materials that go into each and every one of our HID ballasts. That includes the wiring, the integrated HID circuit board and the components on that circuit board, the grade of silicone used to encapsulate the circuit board (yes, the grade of the silicone and how much is used does matter), and even the materials of each of the ballast casings used. We do not buy off-the-shelf products from China and simply re-brand and sell them. Most vendors here in the U.S. have no idea if they got quality parts in the raw materials of their HID kits and assembly QA process (bait-and-switch happens far more than you know).

What does that mean for you? Whatever series HID ballast you buy, you know you are getting the same quality and consistency over and over, and you can rest assured that each and every component within that HID ballast has been accounted for.

2. We use the same Six Sigma Quality Assurance process that is used and created by large entities like GE and Toyota to ensure that each HID bulb and ballast is assembled and tested to meet the requirements that we have set for it. In simple terms, we test our products in three phases:

  • Phase 1: We test the sample HID bulb and ballast materials we buy to ensure they meet the appropriate grade quality 
  • Phase 2: We test after the assembly process to ensure that that each HID product has been assembled correctly
  • Phase 3: We test each batch at the end of production to ensure that everything is fully functional before shipping

We can assure you that most other vendors do one, two, or none of these phases of testing for their HID kits.

3. We provide world-class customer service. For those of you have ever bought shoes from Zappos, you know exactly the level of service you can expect. We have set our customer service as the gold standard not just for the HID kit world, but the entire e-commerce world. We take extreme pride in developing our reputation and brand through our customer service.  

HIDextra's Ballast Series

Now on to the good stuff! Let's talk about each HID ballast series in our HIDextra line ...

Signature Series

This HID ballast is our tried-and-true 35w standard HID kit. It features all the quality and testing procedures above, and uses components that allow for a great plug-and-play experience. It is truly the workhorse of the HID world. Those looking for a reliable HID solution with a strong value, this is your choice.

Stealth Series

Our Stealth Series HID ballasts essentially carry the same performance specifications as our Signature Series ballast, but are encapsulated in a lower profile size. To get to this size, higher tolerance components are used in the HID integrated chip to ensure proper functionality under higher operating temperature. This HID ballast is the perfect option for motorcycles or vehicles that have a tight engine bay and not a lot of room to mount a ballast ... but you may also like it strictly for its sleeker design.

Power Series

With more power comes more output! The 55w series is a higher grade component ballast that puts out 55 watts as opposed to 35 watts of power, allowing the amount of light output (referred to as lumens) to increase by 25-30%. If you are looking for a higher end component ballast while also wanting more light output, the Power Series offers both.

PRO Canbus Series

Our top-of-the-line HID ballast is for those users looking for the highest quality, most worry-free, best light output HID kit on the market. It includes the following features:

  • Canbus HID built-in capacitors for those more complex newer model car applications that require a capacitor for a smooth and easy plug-and-play installation experience. Don't confuse HIDextra PRO Canbus kits (ballasts) with others on the market. Many vendors promote the "Canbus" capacitor built in but don't offer the many other high end components that we include in our HID kits. 
  • The highest grade components on the market. They are equivalent to OEM grade HID ballasts used for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 
  • ASIC Grade 7 digital circuit board with IECQ-CECC surface mount capacitors, covering 9-16V and 9-32V volt applications. 
  • OEM grade HID ballast equivalent components that have a lifespan of 10+ years.
  • A better 55W! Not all watts are created equal. HIDextra's PRO Canbus Series ballasts are well designed, high-end component ballasts that offer nearly twice the light output (lumens) as standard 35w HID without the additional heat-inducing wear and tear.

Please see the ballast selection on our website. Click on any kit to see the ballast options.