RAZIR™ BackBone Beam is the Brightest and Most Durable LED Tailgate Bar

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

What is better than a bright LED tailgate bar for your vehicle? The answer is a brighter, more durable, and feature-rich LED tailgate from RAZIR™. They have taken their successful LED Tailgate and made it 7x brighter and added new features to the bar.

Here are some reasons why these lights are better in every way!

The Tech behind the Beam

RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar uses our RAZIR LED technology with a total of 1200 LED (60") or 780 LED (48") to increase output by 60% over the standard LED. You asked for a brighter tailgate and now we have the brightest tailgate in the market.

This will maximize visibility to your truck in any conditions with over 2340 lumens of light. 

Our Razir XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar is made from PolyCarb lens with Diecast Aluminum Housing. 

Our fully functional tailgate offers daytime running lights, brake, amber sequential turn signals (similar to those certain American-made muscle car), and reverse light. These lights are 5x brighter than your stock setup.


RAZIR™ XL BackBone Beam is tested for any weather, any time! This light bar is IP67 waterproof, meaning it can handle dust, sand, dirt, snow, and mud. Drive it to Alaska and it will do great withstanding temperature as low as negative 20° Fahrenheit.

Easy Installation

RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar is ready to go right from the box and no drilling required making this install the easiest even for the novice. Comes with industrial strength adhesive that can hold up to 5x its weight. You will not need to drill with these adhesive but you can if you really want. 

The tailgate plugs directly into the trailer adapter for a painless installation (reverse light may require wiring, instructions are provided upon request). 

RAZIR™ XL BackBone Beam is available in 48" and 60" ONLINE