The Truth About HIDs

Posted by Evelyn Bai on 12th Sep 2017

Think You Know Everything There is to Know About HID Headlights? Think Again!

So you've heard about HID headlights, and you're wondering "Are HID's right for me?" It may be because you have some questions that haven't been answered yet, and we bet they're pretty common ones. Below are five misconceptions about HIDs. Spoiler alert: They are all false! Allow us to put your concerns to rest and address each of these commonly held beliefs once and for all.  

1. Don’t HID headlights blind oncoming traffic?

This is an often-heard criticism of HIDs. HIDs are not meant to be a dangerous distraction to other drivers. When properly installed, the angle of quality HID headlights tilt slightly downward and light up the road ahead with distinct cut-off lines for better focus and visibility, without giving a “highbeam” effect to oncoming traffic.  

2. Aren’t HIDs difficult to install? Isn't this a job for a professional mechanic?

No, and no! If you have basic mechanic’s tools, you can install an HID conversion kit -- really! Plug-and-play technology makes it easy for even a novice to upgrade their own headlights, usually in under an hour. Check out this 2-minute installation video and see how easy the process really is.  

3. HIDs are an expensive upgrade, right?

Wrong! As car mods go, HID headlight conversions are one of the least expensive you can make. Additionally, HID lights draw less energy, which reduces the load on your engine, thereby potentially slightly improving your fuel economy.  

4. Aren’t HIDs only for young sports car drivers who are into car mods? I’m 62 years old and drive a Buick.

HID kits are available for a wide variety of car makes, models, and years -- not just for sports cars. Whether you’re 18 or 88, there’s a HID conversion kit that’ll make the cars you drive, from Buicks and Lincolns to BMWs and Audis and everything in between, safer and sportier.  

5. HIDs don’t serve any real purpose, do they? Aren’t they just a flashy cosmetic upgrade?

Can’t something be fun and useful at the same time? Dark chocolate is delicious, and it’s good for you. HID headlights look good and serve an important purpose: to provide extra, brighter light, making driving safer. What’s not to like about that?


Are HIDs Right for You?

HID conversion kits can be installed on both automobiles and motorcycles for a variety of applications. Only you can decide if they are right for your needs, but chances are, once you have them you'll wonder how you lived without them for so long. Improve your visibility and your style quotient by adding HIDs to your vehicle today.     

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