Tips and Tricks with RAZIR™ LED Strips

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

Tips and tricks of using LED strips for the interior of a car

Weather you have owned a car with LED lights already installed in the interior or you have seen one on the street with an interior that is lit up in one color or another, you probably have thought how cool that looks and how great it would be if your car had that, too. Well, you might not have to wish too long, since it is fairly easy to install LED strips in the interior of your car, you just need the supplies and some basic knowledge as to how to install them. You can even search the internet and find many tutorials and guides that will tell you just how to do it. But this article isn't one of  them, rather in this article I will give you some useful tips and tricks that can help you in choosing and using LED strips for the interior of your car.

Choosing the LED strips

Many see car interior lights, that are outside of your regular car light standard, as excessive or as a way for the car owner to brag about their car, but these lights actually have several benefits in addition to giving your car a cool and unique look. They actually add security to your car, since your car will stand out in a sea of similar cars and will be a distinct feature that can help you find your car should anything happen to it. On top of that, since there will be additional light installed in the interior of the car, it will be better illuminated and will increase the visibility in the darker areas of your car such as the glove compartment and the trunk. However, if you have decided to install LEDs in the salon of your car, you first need to figure out which LEDs to choose, as not all of them are the same. First and foremost there is the question of color, because LED lamps come in many different colors including colors like green, red and blue, and you need to decide weather you want your interior lights to be colorful or in more basic white color hue.  After that you also should figure out the places where the lights will go, since that will determine what kind of LED lights you will need. And lastly you also need to decide weather you will want the light change colors or stay in one color, which also requires additional supplies like switches.

Where to place the LEDs

Speaking of the LED strip placement, the step of deciding where you want the LEDs to be is probably the hardest, especially if you have not owned a car with LED strips in the interior or you don’t know much about lighting and electronics. Some of the most common LED strip placements in cars are under the dashboard, so the light shines downwards on the floor of the car illuminating it, lining the dashboard itself which will create an interesting design and jazz up previously plane and generic dash, illuminating the car stereo system, which will not only look cool but help you see your stereo better in the dark, as well a in the place of the regular car overhead lighting, so you can have brighter, better car lighting. However, that doesn’t meant, that you cannot place the LEDs in the interior of your car in other places, because if you really want your car interior to stand out, the placement of lights need to be unique, too. I would suggest to consult somebody who knows how to install the LED lights and see what that person thinks and if your car interior lighting vision is possible. You can also go to and find out more general information about LEDs and lighting related topics, if you really want to dive into the world of LED lighting.

Using the LED strips

After you have decided on the LED strips you want and they have been installed, you can finally start using them and seeing if you like to drive a car where the interior is decked out with LED light strips. Truth to be told, car interior with LEDs, especially if they are colorful LED strips, might take a while to get used to. Driving in a car whose interior features colorful LEDs offer a slightly different driving experience and sometimes people even decide to get rid of them, because the LED lights just  bother them when they are driving. Anyone, who has driven a car when it is dark outside, knows that whenever somebody turns on the overhead lamp in your car, it usually becomes a bit difficult to see, because your ability to see the dark road is reduced. Well now imagine that the light is constantly on and is colored in some weird hue like blue or green, it can cause potentially dangerous situations. So, before you go out for a nightly drive with your new LED light illuminated car, make sure that the LEDs aren’t too bright and that they don’t interfere with your vision while driving, and you should be fine to use and enjoy your unique and one of a kind LED light illuminated car.

What features can you expect with your LED strips? 

Many LED kits are available out in the automotive world but not one will have all the features that you would want to have in them. HIDextra, the leading provider in automotive lighting, offers variety of lighting kits for all make and model vehicles. Innovative RAZIR-Sync™ technology lets you match your lights to the beat of the music. Imagine getting RAZIR LED strips for your next dance party or decorating your man-cave, or making sure your ride is ready for the next tailgating party. The possibilities are limitless with LED lighting.