Top 5 Car Gifts for the Holidays

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

Top Five Gifts For the Holidays

We know how hard it is for most people to find the perfect gift so we made it simple for you. We listed our top five top sellers that we guarantee it will be a hit this season. We offer the best quality and service behind our products. Try it and let us know!

Plug and Play HID Bundle

The "Tried-and-True" ever lasting HIDs. This is the go-to lighting upgrade that every car owners will want this coming holidays. You can't go wrong with gifting that person an HID kit from HIDextra. Make sure you get our complete Plug and Play bundle including relay harness and capacitors to reassure for the best fit. We offer a lifetime warranty on our kits so that you do not have to worry about purchasing a replacement kit ever again. Get the bundle HERE. Motorcycle Kits available HERE.

RAZIR LED Headlights

Now, if your special someone is into the latest and greatest technology then we have the perfect gift for you. RAZIR LED headlights is the next big thing in automotive lighting. Instant-On technology, built-in CANBUS, RAZIR sharp light patterns without any light leaks. This is a true plug and play kit without the hassle of including ballasts. Select your kit HERE. Motorcycle kit is available HERE.

RAZIR LED Interior Kit

Once you have completed the main headlights upgrade then the next thing to do is brighten up the interior lighting of your car. We offer multiple LED interior kits that will increase the output and give it a new look. We offer CANBUS bulbs for newer model cars that will eliminate any error codes that may occur with the upgrade. Our kits will include tools to help you with the installation. Take a look HERE for various kits available today.

RAZIR LED Combo Light Bars

The ULTIMATE gift for this season is the RAZIR LED Light Bar. This will be perfect for the adventurous, off-roading die hard drivers. The lowest price for the biggest light around town. We have various lengths from 8" up to 50" so you have options for every make and model vehicles. These durable light bars is up for the challenge this season and perfect for the crazy winter weather! Check them out HERE. Make sure to take a look at the available mounts we offer to make it a complete gift.

RAZIR LED Underbody Kits

You can't go wrong with a style points for a car. This will be the perfect gift for those car enthusiasts are are heavenly influenced by the import scene and "Fast and Furious" culture. Our underbody LED kits will definitely make a car stand out in the crowd with certain features such as; dimming, fading or strobbing with music interaction. These kits will come with a keychain remote for total control in your LED setup. Gift the wow factor by shopping HERE.