Upgrade Your Car's Interior Lighting with RAZIR LED

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

 Why You Need to Upgrade Your Interior Lighting with LED

Are you bored of the yellow-toned lights in your car cabin? Does it look dark every time you open a door? If you answered yes to either of those questions then it is time for you to get some new LED upgrades for your car interior. There are options for you to make an ordinary looking interior to a brand new looking and brightly lit cabin. The best way to approach this upgrade is to start with one section of your interior to make sure you like the look before changing out all of the light bulbs.  There are different bulbs with different color temperatures. Next is to select the types of LED bulbs available at HIDeXtra.

CANBUS (Controller Area Network) are commonly found in European/luxury makes such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Porsche. These LED bulbs are designed to work with these vehicles so you don’t experience any issues of flickering or dashboard warnings. These CANBUS plug-and-play bulbs will take minutes to install for an even more vibrant interior lighting to match with your vehicle's HIDs.

Dome and Map Lights

You might consider changing these lights out first. It is the first noticeable light in the cabin at night. Stock lights are dim and yellow and with the LED upgrade you can brighten up the interior easily. A bright interior will help drivers and passengers see better when moving around or searching for that lost chapped stick in your car. Festoon bulb sizes can be found here and they are very easy to install -- just plug and play.


The fun starts with step and courtesy lights as you can make your car light up as soon you as open your doors. This will help you see better as you step into you car in those really dark areas. There are many options for these lights from a single LED bulb to LED strips that can be programmed to your liking. We offer different color temperatures and if you get the LED strips then you will have a lot of fun with the ability to activate the lights to music beats or trigger by the door being opened. Our RAZIR LED Interior Kit will have all the bulbs you need.


Trunk lights are are just as important as your cabin lights. How many times have you gotten to your trunk at night and couldn't find anything because it was so dark? Installing a bright LED bulb in your trunk/cargo space will be a lifesaver when you have to grab your spare or a tool you need to fix your car. If you want to get really fancy, you will add LED light strips into your trunk if you have a show car where you utilize your trunk space for an entertainment center. The RAZIR Canbus LED Interior Kit is another option you could go with to change out all the lights.

License Plate

Subtle but effective and it adds style points to your car. Also, you will get a ticket if your plate isn't lit up or is too dim. Avoid the hassle and a fix-it ticket for something so easy to do. Find these T10 bulbs HERE.

Interior RAZIR LED Light Strips

This is not for everyone but it sure does make your car stand out. Our RAZIR LED Light Strip will change the ambiance of your cabin completely! We give you the ability to make it any color you want with a touch of a button and you will be able to activate on music beats. We created an installation video posted below if you do go this route and I do recommend checking it out. You will want your own RAZIR LED Light Strip.

Interior LED Strip Kit Installation Video

Installation Guide

Kit can be purchased here: RAZIR LED Interior Strip Kits

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