What are TIPM Resistors and do you need them?

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

What are TIPM Resistors and do you need them?

TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Management) is essentially the electrical brain of many Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles on the road today. TIPM distributes and controls the power to ensure all of a vehicle's electrical components are functioning to factory standards. These electrical components include headlights, day time running lights, and fog lights.

If you are planning on picking up our RAZIR LED Headlights or AC HID Conversion Kits (35w-Slim Stealth Series or 55w-Power Series) this is a MUST HAVE for 2007+ Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

Do you need a relay harness and capacitors?

If your vehicle is 2006+ then yes, you will need a set of capacitors and or a relay harness.  The way that a HID relay harness works is that it regulates power fluctuations from a vehicle's electrical system and keep the lights running by getting power directly from the battery. This relay harness is required on all DodgeRAMJeep, and Chrysler models and on vehicles that use a TIPM (Total Integrated Power Module). If your vehicle has automatic or daytime running lights this relay harness can help resolve potential issues such as flickering lights, bulbs that refuse to light up and popped fuses. Get your Relay Harness HERE.

Universal HID Capacitors are needed under certain circumstances. Often time, dashboard warning light will go off (CANBUS error) on vehicles with computer controlled headlamp when aftermarket HID system is installed. This is common on newer vehicles and luxury European makes. To overcome this, simply install your kit with this pair of capacitor. This accessory will also help with flickering issue on some vehicles as well. Get your Capacitors HERE.