What Car Experts Think of HIDextra: The Matt Jones Story

Posted by Justin L. on 12th Sep 2017

HIDextra has been on a quest to discover what top car experts think of our product. So we partnered up with Matt Jones, Senior Editor from Edmunds.com and got his take. Matt is a longtime retail guy and now he writes about the retail experience under “What’s Hot” for Edmunds.

First, we simply asked Matt for the year/make/model of his vehicle. With that bit of information, we immediately knew which bulb types he needed for his vehicle. But we paused a little and were curious so we asked Matt what made him want to put HIDs on a fairly new 2013 Honda Accord EX sedan?

He then went about explaining, “Prior to the Accord, I had a luxury car with Xenon lights and I really missed the way those lights lit up the streets and freeway during night driving. Thought the HID might come close to giving me that same type of view at night.” We can definitely vouch that Matt loved his lights, but let’s go into detail of what we asked him next.

HIDextra: Which HID kit do you have for your low beams? (Bulb type/Ballast/Color Temperature) Why did you choose that color temperature?

Matt: I don't know the answer to this one...I just told the company what type of car I had and before I knew it, I had a package with some cool electronics inside! (For reference: H11 HID Bulb 5000K with the Volt Canbus Ballast)

HIDextra: Did you do the installation yourself? Was it easy to install?

Matt: I didn't install it, a friend of mine did. He said the installation was a snap, took him less than an hour.

HIDextra: Would you consider upgrading your fog lights and high beams to HIDs in the near future?

Matt: I'm already thinking about doing the fog lights. (Thanks Matt! Let us know if you need any assistance with your bulb type.)

HIDextra: What difference do you see from your new HIDs compared to your halogens?

Matt: I drive through the canyons and often at night. I now have wider angle of light and these are brighter than what I had too.

HIDextra: What do you like most about HIDextra's HID kit?

Matt: Two things. I like how much more I can see at night. And of course I like that my car feels a little more upscale know when driving at night. I don't drive an expensive car, but the HIDs give me a luxury feel.

Thanks for the interview Matt!

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