What is K, as in Kelvin Temperature?

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

What is color temperature?

Color temperature refers to a characterization of the spectral properties of a light source and is commonly used in automotive and photography lighting. The lower color temperatures are considered warmer and they contain more yellow to red light. While the higher color temperatures are considered colder and they contain more blue light.

According to Wikipedia: Color temperature is conventionally expressed in Kelvin, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for temperature based on the Kelvin scale.

Here are some common color temperatures:
        1500 K Candlelight
        2600 K 40-Watt Incandescent Lamp
        3000 K HIDextra Fog Yellow HID or 200-Watt Incandescent Lamp
        3200 K Sunrise/Sunset
        3400 K Tungsten Lamp or 1 Hour From Dusk/Dawn
        5000 K HIDextra Bright White HID
        5500 K Sunny Daylight Around Noon
        6000 K HIDextra Lightning Blue HID or RAZIR LED Headlights
        6500-7500 K Overcast Sky
        8000 K HIDextra Ice Blue HID
        10000 K HIDextra Deep Blue HID
        12000-20000 K Blue Sky

You can see the different color temperatures along the arc which is known as the Planckian locus.

Hope this helps you in understanding color temperatures and your decisions in purchasing HIDs or LED from HIDextra. Let us know if you have any questions!