When to change your HID bulbs and ballasts

Posted by Justin L on 12th Sep 2017

When should you change out your HID bulbs and ballasts?

So, you bought your fancy HID conversion over two years ago and thinking to yourself if it is time to change the bulb or swap out for LED instead. By the end of this short post, you should have the knowledge on when you should change your HID bulbs and ballasts.

Let's start with knowing the process of firing up the HID bulbs. The hardest part for the ballast is firing up the bulb. Every time you flip the switch over, the ballasts need to slowly warm up the bulbs. Imagine the stress your ballasts and bulbs are going through each day depending on how much you use your car. A lot of newer cars will have auto-on and off so you would never really know how many times your lights are triggered.

When the bulb gets tired it will tend to extinguish when it switches over from start to run, which means it has to cool off again then restart; double the work for the ballast. If it goes on and off many times the ballast gets pissy and will quit.

Daily use for HIDs includes changing the bulb once a year to be safe; any color change indicates a tiring ballast, meaning replacement is due for ballasts as it could burn out the bulbs as well. Remember that these things do not last forever!

Now, if you think changing out the bulbs and ballasts every other year is too much work for you then you should consider swapping out your HID kits for RAZIR LED.

LED is the newest light technology with instant on, meaning it doesn't require any additional ballasts to ignite and warm up for its maximum output.