H7 HID Kit (35W-55W)

$59.99 - $129.99

H7 HID Kit by HIDextra.

HIDextra's H7 HID Kit consistently outperforms the competition. We are able to achieve this by refining our HID bulb designs and focusing on building the longest lasting headlight conversion kits. Our exclusive C-Ring® light center technology ensures that our bulbs generate optimal beam patterns and spread without any compromises. Our bulbs are powered by a set of Neptune-Core® ballasts chipsets engineered to produce the highest lumens output per wattage - meaning more light with less power used.

What's Included:

Our conversion kit will include; two H7 HID bulbs, two ballasts (Signature Series, Stealth Series, Power Series or Pro Canbus Series), wiring accessories, and mounting accessories.

Do I Need a Relay Harness?

If the vehicle has automatic or daytime running lights a relay harness is recommended because it helps resolve potential flickering issues or lights not turning on when connected to the HID kit. The relay harness will help regulate the power by pulling power directly from the battery and keeps the lights running reliably.

Do I Need a Capacitor?

Vehicle makes that require capacitors are Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Volvo, and Volkswagen. It is generally recommended for all luxury and European makes and any vehicle that newer than model year 2006. This accessory removes the dash warning lights as well as headlight flickering warning. Our PRO Canbus Series ballasts have built in capacitors, so they do not need to be purchased if you select this ballast series.

Which Ballast Should I choose?

  • Signature Series: our standard DC ballast. It is recommended for vehicles that are older than 2001 models.
    • Wattage: 35.
    • Lumens: 3,000.
  • Stealth Series: our smallest AC ballast. It is also recommended for when space is limited and when vehicles are newer than 2001 models.
    • Wattage: 35.
    • Lumens: 3,000.
  • Power Series: our most powerful AC line of ballasts. For when you want maximum output at reasonable price. It is recommended for vehicles that are newer than 2001 models.
    • Wattage: 55.
    • Lumens: 3,900.
  • PRO Canbus Series: our top of the line ballast. It is our only AC ballast that has a built-in capacitor and is compatible with Canbus equipped vehicles right out of the box. Perfect for 2006+ vehicles.
    • Wattage: 55.
    • Lumens: 4,200.


What Kind of Bulb Life Should I Expect? 

Every one of our bulbs are built to OEM specifications and will last 3500-4000 working hours or anywhere from 3-7 years.



2x HIDextra H7 HID Bulbs.



Orders placed before 1PM PST will ship out same day. Delivers within 3-5 business days with free shipping.



2x HIDextra HID Ballasts.



All HIDextra products are covered under a 24 month limited warranty.



Includes wiring connectors, mounting brackets, and necessary components.



All HIDextra products are covered under a 45 day full refund/exchange policy.



A true Plug and Play installation with an easy to follow step-by-step installation booklet included.




Contact us info@hidextra.com, 860-821-8212 or send a message through our Live Chat. We're here to help.

Color Temperature?

The most popular would have to be our 5000k which produces a pure white light while the 6000k produces a white light with a hint of blue.


35W or 55W?

HIDextra HID Bulbs and Ballasts are made with OEM grade components and do not produce more heat than factory halogen bulbs. We can ensure you that the 55W HID Kits will produce 30-40% brighter output when comparing with our 35W HID kits. Both the Power and PRO Canbus Series are specifically designed to generate less heat than traditional 55W headlight systems, making them compatible with all vehicle’s high and low beams. 


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