HIDeXtra brings you the largest selection of projector and halo headlights. Whether you want to change your factory headlights to increase safety and visibility to other drivers on the road or simply upgrade your outdated factory headlights, we’re here to help. Our headlights are made from quality grade OEM components, and are DOT and SAE approved to meet all federal regulations for street usage.

Our headlights feature easy plug and play installation, and our fantastic customer service can assist you with the correct headlight fitment. We carry headlights for almost every vehicle, new and old, and many of our headlights are available in either chrome or black finishes. A new set of projector or halo headlights will make your vehicle look great. Let us know how we can help you select the correct headlights for your vehicle today.

For further assistance with your new headlights, call us at (860) 821-8212 or chat with us live. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm PST.