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HID Conversion Kits


What's in a conversion kit?


Our kits contain everything you need to convert your factory headlights to HID lights. Our HIDeXtra conversion kit includes two bulbs of your choice, two ballasts, and all the necessary wiring accessories needed for a complete plug-and-play installation. An HID conversion kit enables you to upgrade your OEM (original equipment manufacturer, or factory installed) lamps to HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. Conversion kits are available for both exterior and interior lighting. Many people choose to upgrade their vehicle with HIDs to increase visibility (and therefore safety), save energy, and make their car look really cool.



What are HID lights?


HID (high intensity discharge) lights are enclosed tubes filled with a combination of gases, with an electrode at each end and an electric current passing through to emit a bright light. Despite also being called Xenon lights, HIDs use a metal-halide mix and only rely on Xenon gas at start-up. HID bulbs are available in various color temperatures, are more energy efficient than halogen bulbs, have a longer lifespan, and are two to three times brighter, making your car safer on the road.



What is a ballast, and why do I need it for my HID kit?


A ballast regulates the amount of current in an electric circuit. It maintains the current in the circuit at a constant value by varying its resistance in order to counteract changes in voltage. Without a ballast to control and regulate the current, the devices in question -- in this case, headlamps -- would rapidly and uncontrollably increase their intensity, causing the lamps to overheat and burn out within seconds. The ballast supplies the initial electricity that starts the light, and then regulates it so that the right amount of light is emitted to produce a steady light output.


What are the benefits of using HID lights over regular halogen lights?


  • Safe: Offers better visibility at night
  • Energy efficient: Provides more light with less electricity
  • Attractive: Upgrades your car's appearance




Our HID kits contain complete instructions and are designed for easy plug-and-play installation. Not an expert? Not a problem. Most installs require only basic garage tools. For a quick overview, check out this how-to video:



Choosing Your Kit


Bulbs: Color and Intensity Options for Your HID Kit


Whether you are looking for style, performance, or both, HIDeXtra has the perfect bulb color temperature for your kit. Our Golden Yellow (3000k) produces an eye-catching deep yellow, Ice Blue (8000k) outputs a baby blue color, while our Deep Blue (10000k) produces a rich blue output which is perfect for any car enthusiast. Factory White (5000k) is our most popular and is a great choice for anyone looking for the brightest visibility with an OEM-comparable color temperature. Also popular is Intense White (6000k) which has a hint of blue, combining style and performance for any year/make/model.


Bulb Type: Hi/Low vs. Bi-Xenon


A Hi/Low kit converts the low beam to HID while the high beam stays as halogen. A Bi-Xenon kit converts both low beam and high beam to HID with one single bulb that shifts upward when switched to high beam. This upward shift in the Bi-Xenon bulb creates a further light projection to increase visibility. Hi/Low HID kits are recommended for most vehicles since car owners typically use only low beams for everyday driving.




We have five different ballasts to choose from. Our selection includes our Signature Series (35w), Power Series (55w), Stealth Series (Slim-35w), Volt Series CANBUS Ballast (35w), and our top-of-the-line PRO Series CANBUS Ballast (55w). Our durable ballasts are optimized for heat, water, and vibration resistance. All of our ballasts have integrated ASIC digital chip technology for reliable plug-and-play installation.