Motorcycle HID Kit (35W-55W)

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HIDextraTM Motorcycle HID Kit

Our Motorcycle HID Kits uses a C-Ring?ȃ light center technology and the Neptune-Core?ȃ ballast chipset in every one of our HI"its to ensure that we deliver the highest lumens output per wattage than any other comparable kit on the market. Not only do we ensure we have the most durable, brightest, and highest quality hid kit available our light center C-Ring technology ensures that the light is pointed in the right angle and right direction for the optimal beam pattern.

We are the only manufacturer to ensure our HID ballasts, HID bulbs, and HID accessories have been designed from the ground up to be tailored specific to automotive and motorcycle applications in order to ensure that we achieve the highest performance and the highest level of plug and play compatibility for all year, make, and models. Nothing is compromised when we deliver eXtra in our HID product and our customer experience. HIDeXtra­t??- Where Extra means everything

This is a True Plug and Play Kit.




HIDextraTM Motorcycle HID Bulb(s)

HIDExtraTM Motorcycle HID Ballast(s)



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Includes wiring connectors,mounting brackets,and necessary components.



All HIDeXtra products are covered under a 24-month limited warranty.



A true Plug and Play installation with an easy to follow step-by-step installation booklet included.



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Color Temperature?

Our most popular color choice is the 5000k, which produces a pure factory white light. The second most popular color choice is the 6000k, which produces a white light with a hint of blue.


35W or 55W?

HIDextra HID Bulbs and Ballasts are made with OEM grade components and do not produce more heat than factory halogen bulbs. We can ensure you that the 55W HID Kits will produce 30-40% brighter output when comparing with our 35W HID kits. Both the Power and PRO Canbus Series are specifically designed to generate less heat than traditional 55W headlight systems, making them compatible with all vehicle­t??s high and low beams.