Plug and Play HID Kit (Includes Relay and Capacitors)

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This complete kit will include two bulbs, two ballasts, relay harness and capacitors for an error-free plug and play installation.

The Complete Plug and Play HID Headlight Conversion Kit Made by HIDextra.

As trusted curators of the finest automotive lighting equipment available on the market, we treat our own designs with the same standard of painstaking inspection and rigorous evaluation. Developed as a premium-grade Plug-and-Play lighting kit customizable for any vehicle, this exceptional offering is our answer to customers seeking a facilitated headlight upgrade. Choose color, bulb size and ballast type from our array of options, and receive a ready-to-use kit that includes a relay harness and capacitors!


We’re offering this kit because we believe that upgrading your headlights to quality HID bulbs should be quick and easy. With ballasts, a relay harness, and capacitors included, you have everything you need to install your new lights without dealing with confusing warning errors and flickering. Our extensive lineup of bulbs, including both High/Low and Bi-Xenon, ensures that you find the bulb type that fits your vehicle precisely.


Not only do we provide bulbs and accessories tailored to exact years, makes, and models of specific cars, but we also offer a wide range of customization options. Want a 30 – 40% boost in brightness output? Choose from our 55w Power or PRO Canbus Ballast Series. Not sure what color bulb to go with? Our Factory White and Intense White are our most popular selects, though we encourage you to embrace your uniqueness by browsing our full range of color temperatures!

Available Color Choices:

  • - Golden Yellow (3000k)
  • - Factory White (5000k)
  • - Intense White (6000k)
  • - Ice Blue (8000k)
  • - Deep Blue (10000k)


About Our Ballasts:

Signature Series: If you own a vehicle that from before 2001, this 35-watt DC ballast is a great choice. In general, we recommend it as a solid entry-level pick, with an output of 3000 lumens.

Power Series: Aptly named, this 55-watt AC ballast packs a punch with an output of 3900 lumens. Maximum brightness at an affordable price – what more can you ask for? We recommend this ballast series for vehicles manufactured after 2001.

Slim Stealth Series: This miniature 35-watt AC ballast is designed specifically for vehicles with limited space in the engine bay. Don’t be fooled by its size however – this compact yet powerful ballast delivers 3000 lumens. We recommend it for vehicles manufactured after 2001.

PRO Canbus Series: As our prime ballast, this 55-watt AC ballast is fitted with a built-in capacitor, produces 4200 lumens, and pairs seamlessly with Canbus-equipped vehicles straight out of the box. We recommend this elite ballast series for owners of 2006+ vehicles who crave an HID gleam that’s second to none. 


What’s the secret behind our brilliant, top-quality HID lights? Honestly, we’ve just put a hefty amount of good old hard work into the design. A strong, consistent beam pattern is essential in any aftermarket light; our C-Ring light center technology generates optimally focused rays for a clean beam and long light throw that clearly illuminates the road ahead. In case you’re not impressed yet, we’ve also engineered our Neptune-Core ballast chipsets to maximize lumens per wattage – in other words, more light with less power and producing no more heat than your factory halogen bulbs.




2x HIDextraTM HID Bulbs.

2x HIDextraTM HID Ballasts.



Orders placed before 1PM PST will ship out same day. Delivers within 3-5 business days with free shipping.



Includes a relay harness, capacitors, wiring connectors, mounting brackets and all the other necessary components.



All HIDextra products are covered under a 24 month limited warranty.



A true Plug and Play installation with an easy to follow step-by-step installation booklet included.



All HIDextra products are covered under a 45 day full refund/exchange policy.



Not sure about your bulb type? Check here.




Contact us, 860-821-8212 or send a message through our Live Chat. We're here to help.

Color Temperature?

The most popular color choice is our 5000k color which produces a pure factory white light and our second most popular color would be the 6000k color which produces a white light with a hint of blue.

35W or 55W?

HIDextra HID Bulbs and Ballasts are made with OEM grade components and do not produce more heat than factory halogen bulbs. We can ensure you that the 55W HID Kits will produce 30-40% brighter output when comparing with our 35W HID kits. Both the Power and PRO Canbus Series are specifically designed to generate less heat than traditional 55W headlights, making them compatible with all vehicle’s high and low beams. 

Replacing your factory HIDs?

If your vehicles has factory HIDs our HID kits will not directly plug into your vehicle’s power harness. However all you need to do is simply cut and splice the wires to hook up our ballast. Our D2R/D2S HID kit includes two bulbs, two D2 connectors and two ballasts (built in igniter) along with all the wirings you need for installation. We do not recommend replacing just the bulb or the ballast because mixing and matching part between factory and aftermarket may result in non-proper functionality of the HID kit.

*Replacing ONLY the bulb or the ballast is NOT recommended as mixing factory and aftermarket parts may result in improper functionality of your lights.

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