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See the fitment chart below to find the correct HID headlight or fog light for your Isuzu model. If you can’t find a bulb for your model or have any questions, please submit a vehicle fitment form and we’ll try our best to find the right bulb type for you.

Isuzu Headlight Bulb Chart

Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Light Notes OEM HID
Isuzu AMIGO 98-99 9004 * N/A *  
Isuzu AMIGO 00-02 H4 * N/A *  
Isuzu ASCENDER 03-08 9006 9005 880    
Isuzu AXIOM 02-04 9006 9005 N/A    
Isuzu HOMBRE 96-00 9006 9005 N/A    
Isuzu i-290 2008 9006 9005 N/A    
Isuzu i-370 2008 9006 9005 N/A    
Isuzu OASIS 96-00 H4 * N/A *  
Isuzu RODEO 94-97 9004 * H3 *  
Isuzu RODEO 98-99 9004 * N/A *  
Isuzu RODEO/RODEO SPORT 00-04 H4 * N/A *  
Isuzu TROOPER 91-02 9004 * H3 *  
Isuzu VEHICROSS 00-01 H4 * N/A *  
* The bulb listed in the low beam column is a dual filament bulb that contains both high/low beams.
X This vehicle has an HID option, check owners manual to ensure correct bulb type.

Isuzu Fast Facts

Isuzu was founded in 1916 by the Japanese oil and gasoline manufacturer Tokyo Gas Company, which in 1934 merged with the carmaker and was renamed Isuzu, after the Isuzu River in Japan. The word Isuzu translated into English means "fifty bells.”

Isuzu stopped selling passenger vehicles in the U.S. in 2009, and was the first Asian automaker pull out of the world’s largest market since Daewoo halted U.S. sales in 2002. Isuzu’s principal activity now is the production, marketing, and sale of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. HIDeXtra still carries HID headlights for several Isuzu models. If you need help finding the right one for you, please contact us at (860) 821-8212.