LED Interior Lighting

Are you looking for ways to give your vehicle that HIDeXtra touch? We’ve added T10 bulbs that are perfect for side lamps, parking lights, turn signal indicator lights, dashboard lights, and rear license plates. We’ve also added festoons for interior door lights, map lights, and dome lights. These plug-and-play bulbs are easy upgrades for more vibrant interior lighting. Not only will they be easy aesthetic upgrades, but you'll be able to see clearer at night when inside your vehicle and be more noticeable to other drivers.

Have you ever had the dashboard warning lights going off on your computer-controlled vehicle (such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or Volkswagen)? We have just the solution: our T10 Canbus, error-free LEDs will bypass these warnings (a Canbus error) with built-in load resistors.

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