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off road LED light bars

RAZIR Combo LED Off Road / Utility Light Bar

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Experience Night Time Off-Roading Like Never Before.

After installing the RAZIR Combo LED Light Bar you will see the road and trails in a whole new light, literally! It is available in 8" to 50" lengths, which allows for seemingly endless installation options. Designed and tested to be resistant to water and dust.  We have sealed our stainless steel mounts to protect against the elements. This means our light bars are IP65 rated and ready for rough weather and the darkest of off-road trails!

Our light bars have been designed to be extremely lightweight because the housings were engineered out of corrosion free die-cast aluminum. With this quality you will be able to see further and tackle treacherous conditions, making your trip as adventurous as you want it to be.

Add the RAZIR LED Control Switch to your order and we’ll have the connection terminals crimped on to the wires making it a true plug and play install. We make it that easy.



(1) RAZIR Combo LED Off Road/Utility Light Bar



Completely IP65 watertight and pressure tested at 21,000 psi. Water resistant.



12 to 96 high intensity 3-watt EPISTAR LEDs producing a bright 6000K light.



With shatter-proof, scratch-resistant PMMA lens and the light-weight and corrosion free die-cast aluminum housing, these led bars will take some serious punishment before giving up.



Dual beam pattern achieves maximum light coverage [30° Spot/60° Flood].



Mount to any pre-drilled holes on top racks, bull bars, or grille guards.



Orders placed before 1PM PST will ship out same day. Delivers within 3-5 business days with Free Shipping.



All RAZIR LED Light Bars are covered under a 30 day full refund and 1 year warranty.



Need more lumens and stronger weather resistance? Check out the our PRO SERIES LED Light Bars.

We ensure that our products have been designed from the ground up to be tailored specific to automotive applications such as off-roading and utility vehicles. Nothing is compromised when we deliver eXtra in our products and our customer experience. 

HIDeXtra™ - Where Extra means everything.


RAZIR LED PRODUCTDimensions w/ brackets (mm)Lumens/Color Temp.Power/Light AngleCurrent DrawMaterial

 4" Square Off-Road/Utility Pods (PAIR)


 1755lum / 6500K

 27W, 9 LEDs

 30/60 Degree

  1.7A@13V,  0.9A@24V  Diecast Aluminum housing, PMMA Lens

 4" Circular Off-Road/Utility Pods (PAIR)

126x110x45  1560lum / 6500K

 24W, 8 LEDs

30/60 Degree 

 1.8A@12V, 0.9A@24V Diecast Aluminum housing, PMMA Lens 

 8" RAZIR COMBO Off-Road/Utility Light Bar

252x114x86.5  2160lum / 6000K

 36W, 12 LEDs

30/60 Degree 

2.2A@12V, 1.2A@24V  Diecast Aluminum, PMMA Lens, Alu Brackets

 14" RAZIR COMBO Off-Road/Utility Light Bar

405x114x86.5  4320lum / 6000K

 72W, 24 LEDs

30/60 Degree 

4.2A@12V, 2.2A@24V   Diecast Aluminum, PMMA Lens, Alu Brackets

 22" RAZIR COMBO Off-Road/Utility Light Bar

 609x114x86.5  7200lum / 6000K

120W, 40 LEDs

 30/60 Degree

8.2A@12V, 4.1A@24V  

Diecast Aluminum, PMMA Lens, Alu Brackets  

 32" RAZIR COMBO Off-Road/Utility Light Bar

 864x114x86.5  10800lum / 6000K

180W, 60 LEDs

 30/60 Degree

13A@12V, 6.8A@24V    Diecast Aluminum, PMMA Lens, Alu Brackets

 42" RAZIR COMBO Off-Road/Utility Light Bar

1119x114x86.5 14400lum / 6000K

240W, 80 LEDs

30/60 Degree 

17A@12V, 9A@24V   Diecast Aluminum, PMMA Lens, Alu Brackets

Need more Lumens? Take a look at our RAZIR PRO COMBO LIGHT BARS for comparison.





Light Source 36-288W / 6000k / Flood Beam (60 Degrees) & Spot Beam (30 Degrees) / EPISTAR LED TECHNOLOGY
Operating Voltage 10-30V DC
Rating IP 65 Waterproof Rating with Diecast aluminum housing, PMMA lens material, & Aluminum backets
LEDs 12 to 96 3-watt High Intensity Epistar LEDs


Current Draw 4.2A-17A@12V, 1.2A-9A@24V
LED Life Made to OEM specifications and will last 30000 Hours and operates -40 Degree C to +60 Degree C

OEM Quality

Nothing is compromised with HIDeXtra. Built with OEM material, ensured for lifetime durability & all automotive conditions.


ACCESSORIES: RAZIR LED Control with Remote Switch

Looking for Plug and Play? Add the RAZIR LED Control with Remote Switch to you order. Well have the connection terminals already crimped on to the wires making it a true plug and play install with the control switch supplied.

The standalone RAZIR LED light bar will have only the power cord coming out of the light with 2 wires for power and ground giving you the full customization to install the connections and switch to your preference.

We've done it right, where other have not or cannot.

RAZIR is the only LED light bar manufacturer that has developed automotive specific LED technology to the market. Not only do we ensure we have the most durable aluminum material, brightest white light (using the least amount of energy possible) and highest quality light bars available. It all comes down to the light-weight and corrosion free die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel mounts sealed for water resistant.


All our RAZIR LED light bars are covered under a 1 year warranty as well as a 30 day full refund/exchange policy. So if you are not satisfied with your RAZIR LED light bar, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Our aim is to help provide our customers with the most reliable LED light bars on the market, in addition to providing fantastic customer service.

Built to last

Tough and durable. All RAZIR components are made from OEM or OEM plus grade materials. These are the same grade ABC, Polycarbonate, and glass used in major automotive manufacturers and high requirement grade products like riot gear and crash helmets. Each and every one of our components goes through the rigorous Six Sigma testing environment to ensure real life automotive environments.