RAZIR LED Headlight Conversion Kit 6,000K Intense White 7,200 Lumens Total CAN-bus Ready

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Why Go With a LED Headlight Kit?

  • The latest in headlight technology. LED improve upon HIDs in terms of visibility and output.
  • Crisp "crystal" look that only LED headlights can offer that are typically only on high-end vehicles.
  • Instant on, full brightness the moment you flick them on!
  • No color change/no output loss over time like HIDs or halogens bulbs.
  • Get 20,000 hours of light. That should last you the life of your vehicle.
  • HIDextra's RAZIR LEDs are the only LED headlights that addresses the most critical flaw of any other LED headlight kit on the market. We have spent countless hours perfecting the beam pattern. With the correct beam patterns you are no longer looking at scattered light at night.

Why RAZIR LED Headlight Bulbs?

We've designed our RAZIR LED Headlight Kit to revolutionize the way we light up the road. Experience the newest cutting edge automobile lighting technology. Producing a “sharper crisp light” that HIDs and halogens just can't match. This effect will give headlights that highly desired crystal clear effect that high-end auto manufacturers often refer to. HID conversion kits are fairly easy to install, but our LED Headlight kits are even easier thanks to its ingenious “Twist and Go” design. The hardest part of the project will be getting to your headlight enclosure.

Our built-in CANBUS module means zero interference, making this the only LED lighting kit compatible with Daytime Running Lights.

We’ve done our research and how we stand out from everyone else. The RAZIR LED Headlight bulbs are designed with a new bubble illumination technology to house the very best CREE LEDs. HIDextra's RAZIR LED is the only LED Headlight Kit that addresses beam patterns. You will not see hot spots or scattered light with our LED bulbs. The bulbs itself are made of aluminum enclosed with a 7000rpm fan to deliver maximum airflow. The fans and enclosures are sealed making the entire LED bulb IP67 approved, meaning waterproof. You’ll experience zero color fading and low power consumption, this way to can concentrate on the road ahead.

Experience 3600-4200 Lumens of Meticulous Lighting.  

LED lighting will make your vehicle standout and turn heads, showing off your own unique taste. We always make sure our products have been designed from the ground up to be tailored specific to automotive applications in order to ensure that we achieve the highest performance. Nothing is compromised when we deliver eXtra in our LED product and our customer experience. HIDextra™ - Where Extra means everything.

Top Features:

  • Only LED headlight to use Bubble Illumination Technology™ to address incorrect beam patterns that is prevalent in all other LED headlight kits.
  • Built-in CANBUS means zero interference and increased reliability.
  • 200% Brighter than your stock halogens.
  • Up to 20,000 hours of bulb life.
  • No warm up period, these bulbs turn on immediately.
  • Dual Beam (40w) / Single Beam (30w).
  • Color Temperature: 6000k.







2x RAZIR LED Headlight Bulbs

2x CANBUS Smart Boxes

2x Specially Designed Polarity Wires




Orders placed before 1PM PST will ship out same day. Delivers within 3-5 business days with free shipping.




All RAZIR products are covered under a 60 day full refund/exchange policy.



All RAZIR LED products are covered under a 24 month limited warranty.




A Plug and Play “Twist and Go” design with built-in CANBUS for an error free install.




Contact us info@hidextra.com, 860-821-8212 or send a message through our Live Chat. We're here to help.

Compatibility Check for H7 Bulb Types


In some cases there have been incompatibility issues with European vehicles using the LED H7 bulb type ( BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, ETC). These vehicles utilize a metal adapter to lock the bulbs into the housing, which do not fit LEDs.  Please checkout our H7 CANBUS HIDs as a great alternative.

Compatibility Check for 2007+ Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles


For the best results be sure to add the TIPM Resistor Module if you have a TIPM enabled vehicle. Most 2007 and newer Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles feature a TIPM system and will require the TIPM Resistor Module.

2-Year Limited Warranty

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