RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar

$79.99 - $89.99

RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar.

Tailgate light bars are nothing new, but the RAZIR XL Backbone Beam delivers upgraded functions and a modernized look guaranteed to be irresistible for any truck or SUV enthusiast. If you’re searching for a high-end tailgate light bar that will stand the test of time, you definitely won’t want to pass up this bold, stylish design.

razir backbone led tailgate light bar

The Latest in Luminosity

Most tailgate light bars show a dotted line when activated – the RAZIR XL Backbone Beam takes you one notch above the rest with a solid, sleek band of light that modernizes the appearance of your vehicle. Packed with 1200 brilliant LEDs on the 60-inch version and 788 on the 48-inch, this exclusive tailgate light bar is up to five times brighter than stock tail lights and three times brighter than our standard RAZIR LED Tailgate Light Bar

Everything You Need…And More

The RAZIR XL Backbone Beam truly does it all. Automatically on running light mode, the light bar glows a brighter red when you press your brakes and a strong white when you put your vehicle in reverse. An advanced design perk we love is that the amber turn signal lights are programmed for eye-catching sequential flashing! Functional and striking – what’s there to say no to?

Easy Come, Not-So-Easy Go

Attaching this tailgate light bar to your vehicle is far easier than you would think. Simply peel, prepare, and stick the light bar on. Not a single hole needs to be drilled! If you’re worried about the “stick-ability,” don’t be – each RAZIR XL Backbone Beam comes with an ultra-strong adhesive enhancer that ensures the light bar stays fastened securely through your longest, bumpiest drives.

Equipped To Last

Unless you plan on driving through sunshine and daisies all of the time, the enduring weatherproof design of the RAZIR XL Backbone Beam is something you’ll be thankful for. Able to withstand temperatures from -20°F to 170°, this robust tailgate light bar is constructed of strengthened, rust-resistant aluminum and IP67-rated waterproof silicone. Whether you are cruising on a warm day by the beach or tackling rocky, muddy terrain in the midst of a storm, this tailgate light bar stays 100% functional and 100% aesthetic. 


  • IP67-Rated Waterproof Housing.
  • Plugs Directly into the Trailer Adapter.
  • Industrial Strength Adhesive Strips Means Painless Installation With No Drilling Required.
  • 5 Different Modes: Daytime Running Lights, Brake, Reverse, Left and Right Turn Signal (Sequential amber turn signals).



The Tech

RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar uses our RAZIR LED technology with a total of 1200 LEDs (60") or 780 LEDs (48") to increase output by 300% over the standard LED.

This will maximize visibility to your truck in any conditions with over 2340 lumens of light. 

Our Razir XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar is made from PolyCarb lens with Diecast Aluminum Housing. 

Rated Lifetime of 50,000 hours. 16w, 3v. 


Easy as Plug and Play

RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar is ready to go right from the box and no drilling required! 

Comes with industrial strength adhesive that can hold up to 5x its weight. You will not need to drill with these adhesive. 

The Tailgate plugs directly into the trailer adapter for a painless installation.

(Reverse light may require wiring, instructions are provided upon request). 


Any Weather, Any Time

RAZIR XL BackBone Beam LED Tailgate Light Bar is IP67 waterproof. It is protected from any sand, dirt, dust, snow, or water.

It can withstand temperature as low as negative 20° Fahrenheit. 


24 Month Warranty / Return

All our LED products are covered under a 24-month warranty as well as a 45 days full refund/exchange policy.

So if you are not satisfied with your light bar, simply return the kit to us within 45 days for a full refund or exchange.

Our aim is to help provide our customers with the most reliable HID products on the market, in addition to providing fantastic customer service.


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