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See the fitment chart below to find the correct HID headlight or fog light for your Smart model. If you can’t find a bulb for your model or have any questions, please submit a vehicle fitment form and we’ll try our best to find the right bulb type for you.

Smart Headlight Bulb Chart

Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Light Notes OEM HID
HIDSmart Fortwo 2013-14 H7 H7 H11      

Smart Fast Facts

Smart Automobile manufactures and markets microcar and subcompact vehicles. SMH (makers of the Swatch brand of watches) began developing an idea for a new car using the same type of manufacturing strategies and personalization features used to popularize Swatch watches. Although Volkswagen was Smart’s original development partner, Mercedes Benz came on board in 1994, and Smart is now a division of Daimler AG. The brand name Smart is a mashup of Swatch and Mercedes: Swatch MercedesART.

Smart models include the Fortwo coupe and cabriolet, and an all-electric model. The Smart Fortwo claimed to be the most fuel-efficient fully gasoline-engined car for sale in the U.S., but statistics show it actually lags behind the Mitsubishi Mirage and Scion iQ. However, the Smart Fortwo is the most efficient car at its pricepoint, since it costs about half as much as a hybrid in the U.S. Upgrade your zippy Smart car with HID headlights here today.

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