35-watt HID ballast Slim HID ballast 55-watt HID ballast CAN-BUS HID ballast
Tried & True HIDExtra Signature Ballast Slim & Compact design for tight space installs / motocycles High Output design OEM Grade Build
3000 lumens @35W 3000 lumens @35W 3900 lumens @55W 3600 lumens @35W
100% Full Fill Rubber Injection Water & Vibration Resistance 30% Greater Light Output than STD 35W Built-In Warning canceller to simplify newer model car intalls
ASIC Chip Digital Technology Quick & Safe ignition Quick & Safe ignition German ASIC Digital Chip Technology
Open circuit & short circuit protection Plug & Play on most applications Plug & Play on most applications 100% Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Case
Plug & Play on most applications Matte black casing for stealth installation Wide angle design for optimum heat dissapation Designed for Maximum Life-Time Durability & Optimal Lighting Output
Optimized for heat resistance & durability Optimized for heat displacement and Compact performance Maximum lumens output The Highest level of performance and quality
ECE & SAE certified design ECE & SAE certified chip design ECE & SAE certified chip design ECE & SAE certified chip design
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HID conversion kit


Where “Extra” really means everything.


HIDeXtra’s headlights and accessories have been designed specifically for automotive applications. We research, develop, and manufacture our own product line to ensure the best and most reliable performance under most conditions.


A little “Extra” is woven into every interaction with HIDeXtra. From our expert product knowledge to our prompt free shipping and email & phone support, our customers can expect a Five Star experience with each and every transaction.


OEM-grade materials and a full range of HID and LED products feature simple plug-and-play installation, ensuring an optimal lighting experience and “cool” factor that exceeds expectations.

9007 High / Low 6000k HID Kit product review

Great product and great company! I have never been disappointed.

Posted By: Jason K.

H4 High / Low 6000k HID Kit HID kit review

I have ordered multiple sets from HIDEXTRA and have never been let down. I have ordered 4 HID kits now from this company and they have all been great. I am about to order two more kits for a car I just bought. Why mess with success? HIDEXTRA sells great products and provides great service.
Best inexpensive set of HIDs' around.

Posted By: Shonn Kidoguchi

Factory White 5000K HID Kit rating for HIDextra

I've bought HIDs' from HIDextra for every single one of my vehicles i've owned since I found out about them. Their lights far exceed the whole "you get what you pay for" saying. You get much more for what you spend. Their customer service is also on point with any questions or concerns you may have. So why are you still reading this review???GO BUY A SET! :D

Very happy with product, 5 star customer service!

Posted By: Bigmike

H11 6000k HID Kit user ratings

You guys are absolutely fantastic. After an issues with ballast and needing to add a relay the 5000K in my 2009 Cadillac STS are working perfectly! I chose the 5000K because my Caddy came with the Tungstun Factory lights that were too "yellow" in my opinion. I wanted as close to factory as possible. With my kit sitting next to a friends Escalade, you cannot tell mine is aftermarket. I also want to say that I appreciate the stellar customer service that I received every-time I contact HIDextra either via phone or email. Because of how difficult the job of installing the lights in and Cadillac STS ( you have to remove the front wheels and bumper to access the headlight assembly), please feel free to send questions my way and I will be happy to answer. You guys define what customer service should be!

more than satisfied with every purchase

Posted By: jose

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Our Signature, Stealth, Power, and Volt series Ballasts are able to accommodate the requirements of almost every vehicle on the road today.



Shop our high-end line of Razir® LED bulbs perfect for side lamp, DRL, indicator repeater, and parking light replacements.


Experience HIDeXtra Lighting.

HIDeXtra has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket since 2008, specializing in HID and LED conversion kits and accessories for a wide variety of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. HIDeXtra offers the largest selection of projector and Euro headlights, Altezza/Euro and LED tail lights, comparable OEM fog lights, and off road lighting. We strive to bring you the best and most advanced conversion kits for both HIDs and LEDs on the market today, and our products meet all federal regulations for street usage. All of our kits come with full instructions and are designed for easy plug-and-play installation.

Our HID kits are designed to be compatible with most vehicle makes and models on the road today. We do our own research & development and manufacture our own HID conversion kits, putting us miles ahead of our competitors. Our RAZIR LED headlight kits showcase the latest in headlight technology, with LEDs added to HIDs for high visibility and output. Experience the crisp "crystal" look that only LED headlights can offer, formerly available only on luxury vehicles. Our bulbs feature instant on, no color changes, and no output loss over time (unlike our competitors’ HIDs or halogens), and light your vehicle for 50,000 hours. HIDeXtra's RAZIR LED is the only LED headlight kit that has the correct beam pattern so you are no longer looking at scattered light at night -- the most critical flaw of other LED headlight kits.

Motorcycle headlight kits are available in both HID and LED bulb types, along with LED strip kits. Adding HIDs or LEDs make your motorcycle safer at night by making it more noticeable to other drivers. Why blend in with the crowd when you can show off your unique style?

Unrivaled Product and Service Experience.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the most reliable automotive lighting on the market, along with outstanding customer service. Try us and see the difference for yourself! Whether you need to replace a broken bulb or upgrade all your vehicle lighting, we’re here to help.

We strive every day to improve our product offering and maintain our standing as a quality provider of aftermarket automotive lighting. All our kits are covered under a one year warranty as well as a 60 day full refund/exchange policy. We stand behind our products 100% and will guide you through your questions, purchase, and installation, now and always. We make it easier for you!


HIDeXtra: Where Extra Means Everything.