Tried & True HIDExtra Signature Ballast Slim & Compact design for tight space installs / motocycles High Output design OEM Grade Build
3000 lumens @35W 3000 lumens @35W 3900 lumens @55W 3600 lumens @35W
100% Full Fill Rubber Injection Water & Vibration Resistance 30% Greater Light Output than STD 35W Built-In Warning canceller to simplify newer model car intalls
ASIC Chip Digital Technology Quick & Safe ignition Quick & Safe ignition German ASIC Digital Chip Technology
Open circuit & short circuit protection Plug & Play on most applications Plug & Play on most applications 100% Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Case
Plug & Play on most applications Matte black casing for stealth installation Wide angle design for optimum heat dissapation Designed for Maximum Life-Time Durability & Optimal Lighting Output
Optimized for heat resistance & durability Optimized for heat displacement and Compact performance Maximum lumens output The Highest level of performance and quality
ECE & SAE certified design ECE & SAE certified chip design ECE & SAE certified chip design ECE & SAE certified chip design
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Where “Extra” really means everything.


HID and LED lighting will make your vehicle standout and turn heads, showing off your own unique taste. We always make sure our products have been designed from the ground up to be tailored specific to automotive applications in order to ensure that we achieve the highest performance.


Where the “Extra” can be seen in every interaction. From our prompt free shipping, to our email and phone support. Expect an experience not much different than what you would at a 5 star hotel.


OEM grade materials and a full range of HID and LED ensures an optimal lighting experience and a simply installation.

9007 High / Low 6000k HID Kit

Great product and great company! I have never been disappointed.

Posted By: Jason K.

H4 High / Low 6000k HID Kit

I have ordered multiple sets from HIDEXTRA and have never been let down. I have ordered 4 HID kits now from this company and they have all been great. I am about to order two more kits for a car I just bought. Why mess with success? HIDEXTRA sells great products and provides great service.
Best inexpensive set of HIDs' around.

Posted By: Shonn Kidoguchi

Factory White 5000K HID Kit

I've bought HIDs' from HIDextra for every single one of my vehicles i've owned since I found out about them. Their lights far exceed the whole "you get what you pay for" saying. You get much more for what you spend. Their customer service is also on point with any questions or concerns you may have. So why are you still reading this review???GO BUY A SET! :D

Very happy with product, 5 star customer service!

Posted By: Bigmike

H11 6000k HID Kit

You guys are absolutely fantastic. After an issues with ballast and needing to add a relay the 5000K in my 2009 Cadillac STS are working perfectly! I chose the 5000K because my Caddy came with the Tungstun Factory lights that were too "yellow" in my opinion. I wanted as close to factory as possible. With my kit sitting next to a friends Escalade, you cannot tell mine is aftermarket. I also want to say that I appreciate the stellar customer service that I received every-time I contact HIDextra either via phone or email. Because of how difficult the job of installing the lights in and Cadillac STS ( you have to remove the front wheels and bumper to access the headlight assembly), please feel free to send questions my way and I will be happy to answer. You guys define what customer service should be!

more than satisfied with every purchase

Posted By: jose

  • Nick Pietropaolo

    3000K fogs and 8000K low beams. Had the lows for years now and still going strong. just ordered the 55W power series and gonna see how much better it gets!

  • Den Rosales

    I'm so grateful for HIDEXTRA!! I love the quality and customer service is great!

  • Juan Gokou Nunez

    Love my lights and ride

  • Luigi Giugliano

    Purchased and installed your Bi-Xenon 6000K kit on my girlfriends EK Civic Coupe. Needless to say for those already familiar with this product, I was extremely impressed with the simplicity of the practically plug-and-play setup and the output from your Signature Series Ballasts. I most definitely will be recommending your products to EVERYONE! THANK YOU!

  • Justin Jay

    Good Product good service! only thing get a capacitor with any kit helps a bunch! NO PROBLEMS! Thanks

  • Timi Shroder

    Great service guys... keep it up.. you always meet my expectations with the product and the quality of service that you offer... 2 thumbs up..

  • Nick Rosales

    Found this very useful blog for us! Thank you HIDeXtra for making it easier for us! http://blog.hidextra.com/dodge-ram-hid-kit-install/

  • Tony Hernandez

    HID EXTRA just wanted to touch base and say so far my volt canbus kit is freaking awesome!! I really thank you guys for the help you gave me and once again my kits are awesome my truck looks sick and for being 8000k they are ultra bright with that volt canbus kit thanks again

  • Nismo Fiesta

    Thank you all for supporting Nismo Fiesta this past weekend. We brought in over 200 cars the show, and 3-4 times that in spectators. Your items donated for raffle were over-the-top, and we hope you are happy with our presentation of your company. We will be making our biggest donation to the Wounded Warrior Project to date soon, and will continue to promote HIDeXtra throughout the year. Please contact us if there are any loose ends or other help we can provide. Thank you!

  • Keith Alphonse Kellogg

    I wanted to give a short testimony on how OUTSTANDING the customer support is here. Their response is very fast (I received my email from their customer support within five minutes of submitting a tech support request on their contact page) and the entire issue was resolved within 20 minutes. I'll never buy any other HID kits or accessories from any other company. Keep up the great work guys!!

  • Joshua G Crenshaw

    Thanks guys

  • Ken Voellinger

    Thanks for the great service, and great products!!

  • Paul Quezada

    my 2005 dodge ram daytona with hidextra lights.. thanks again

  • Paul Quezada

    thanks HIDEXTRA.. got my light kit in yesterday. took less then 30 minutes. works and looks great..best lights out there.. thanks again..

  • Brandon Shamburger

    Unbelievable customer support with these guys. A+ all the way around the board with the product and service. thanks guys

  • Michael Viscardo

    got my HID's from HIDEXTRA fast shipping great customer service will do business again and recommend to friends and family A+

  • Evan Dooley

    thanks guys!

  • Mike Giggy

    Got many of light kits from HIDeXtra and have never been upset or givin the run around. Love the prices and the easy install kits...

  • Tony Hernandez

    Hidextra is really helpfull i talk to a rep today about a issue im having and he was very helpful and understanding i was really starting to have my doubts about this company but they really do take care of there customers the rep is sending me everything he told me will fix my issue at no charge now they really back up on the warranty. thanks hidextra

  • Caucasian Persuasion

    Third time returning customer. Thanks guys and gals at HIDextra, always a pleasure doing business with you, and the customer service has always proven very helpful and shipping was extremely FAST. Joshua from Alaska

  • Martin Solano

    Thanks guys!

  • Jay Tridento

    Just installed my new lights in my Jeep Wrangler.... They look awesome!

  • Chris Keim

    These guys are amazing. Awesome prices and fast shipping. I had an issue with one of my lights and they replaced it no questions asked. Customer service is fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone looking for HID kits.

  • Ray Gee

    I had a problem with my HID kit but HIDeXtra sent me the replacement parts right away-no questions asked. I am impressed with the after sales support and will recommend them to anyone who is planning to purchase a HID kit!

  • Cristian Marciulescu

    I have been an HIDExtra customer for 2 years and I've bought 4 sets of HID lights. The customer service is amazing and the shipping is extremely fast (I live on the East Coast). I had one of the ballasts going bad, but HIDExtra took care of the problem and shipped the replacement parts less than 24 hours after I contacted them. Thank you!

  • Bill Blagdon

    Great Company, excellent service and support.

  • Francisco Avila

    Thanks for your speedy delivery...I have my 6k lighting up the road again!

  • Tully Lafferty

    Here's my Lexus SC300 with your 10k kit. 2 years and working great. Awesome product, thanks!

  • Leah Mercedes Castillo

    We love our baby and her new lights!

  • Jason Aaron

    Ordered the fogs wednesday, received them saturday, installed them today! Super fast shipping! I'll post a pic as soon as I can!

  • Yuki N Bilal

    I picked up a 55w Kit from HidExtra over 4th of July weekend with 30% off. I love my new kit, recommended HidExtra to a friend.


Our Signature, Stealth, Power, and Volt series Ballasts are able to accommodate the requirements of almost every vehicle on the road today.



Shop our high-end line of Razir® LED bulbs perfect for side lamp, DRL, indicator repeater, and parking light replacements.


Experience HIDeXtra Lighting.

Since 2008, HIDeXtra has led the industry in providing customers with the satisfaction of upgrading their factory halogen headlights to enhanced HID Kit headlamps. But with the newest and most advanced lighting technology, we give you RAZIR LED Headlights. A total game-changer. Even though LEDs are now in our extensive line of automotive lighting, we continue to strive to bring you the most-up-to-date and comparable HID kits on the market today.

Our HID kits are designed to be compatible with most vehicles on the road today. We’ve gone through the rigorous process of our own R&D, and manufacture of our HID conversion kits. That alone puts us miles ahead of the rest of the HID vendors around. Our HID kits are designed for easy plug-and-play installation. HID kits are available for automobile and motorcycles.

Selection: We offer our customers five different quality ballasts to choose from. Our ballast selection includes our; Signature Series (35w), Power Series (55w), Stealth Series (Slim-35w), Volt Series CANBUS Ballast (35w) and top-of-the-line PRO Series CANBUS Ballast (55w). Our durable ballasts are optimized for heat, water, and vibration resistance. All of our ballasts have integrated ASIC digital chip technology for reliable installation.

Color and Intensity: HIDeXtra’s selection of color temperatures will satisfy any car enthusiast’s preference. Our color temperatures include; 3000k (Golden Yellow), 5000k (Factory White), 6000k (Glacier White), 8000k (Ice Blue) and 10000k (Deep Sea Blue). 5000k (Factory white) is the classic choice comparable to OEM, and is our most popular.

Our Promise: Our HIDeXtra Kit comes with 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and all the necessary wiring accessories needed for a complete installation. All our kits are covered under a one year warranty as well as a 60 day full refund/exchange policy. So if you are not satisfied with your kit, simply return the kit to us within 60 days for a full refund or exchange.

Experience RAZIR LED Lighting.

Introducing our RAZIR LED Headlight Kit. The latest in headlight technology with LED added to HID's in terms of visibility and output. Experience a crisp "Crystal" look that only LED Headlights can offer that are now on luxury vehicles. With instant ON and no color change or no output loss over time like non-HIDEXTRA HIDs or halogens. Lighting the life of your vehicle? 50,000hours worth. HIDeXtra's RAZIR LED is the ONLY LED Headlight Kit that addresses the most critical flaw of other LED Headlight kits. We have the correct beam pattern so you are no longer looking at scattered light at night.

RAZIR LED Motorcycle kits are now available alongside motorcycle strip kits. LED lighting will make your vehicle standout and turn heads, showing off your own unique taste.

Moving further down the line for your lighting needs, we have extensively done our research to present to you the most comprehensive line of headlight, taillight, and fog light assemblies to match the quality of our HID kits. HIDeXtra offers the largest selection of projector and euro headlights, Altezza/Euro and LED tail lights, and comparable OEM foglights. Not only will you stand out, but we can ensure you that our product meets all federal regulations for street usage. These futuristic light assemblies will fit in your vehicle, promising that quick and easy installation. Whether you’re looking to upgrade due to the current one being outdated or to change your boring factory setup to something that will stand out on the road, we’re here to help.

Always looking for ways to give your vehicle’s interior/exterior that HIDeXtra touch? We’ve added T10, T13, T15, BA9S, 3156, 3157, 7440, 7443, 1156, 1157 and Festoon bulbs that are perfect for a more vibrant lighting. These easy plug and play bulbs (will take minutes to install) are easy upgrades.

And how about the exterior of the vehicle you ask? Meet PLASMA LED Fogs, your HID headlights best friend. What better way to match your HIDs then with these foglights? We also carry tail, signal and reverse light series to match. Simply remove your dull halogens and plug these in! (takes seconds) We can assure you that with the newest Plasma technology, these LEDs will give you greatest brightness and consistent output. Bulbs are available in 5000k & 10000k.

Looking for some off road adventures? We have you covered with our RAZIR PRO COMBO Light Bars. Look no further for more light range with RAZIR Cree Technology, Heavy Duty IP67 construction, and the new Quick Cooling Design with over-sized fins. New features include the power cord relocated to the side which allows for more heat sink, increased heat sink fin length with ridges to each fin for optimal cooling. We can promise you long LED life and maximum light intensity with the Razor Pro Combos improved design. Also, check out the different offroad pods we offer.

Simply looking for a quick and fun do-it-yourself project? Look into our RAZIR Interior, Underbody and Wheelwell LED strip kits. This is a fun way to project your style.

Stay in the loop with new exciting products, sign up for news and discounts below.

Unrivaled Product and Service Experience.

Our aim is to help provide our customers with the most reliable automotive lighting on the market, in addition to providing not just great customer service but an EXPERIENCE that you will remember. Experience us and you will know the difference.

Every day we are striving to improve our products for our customers to enjoy, so they can then share their experiences with other readers. HIDeXtra is powered by communities of popular forums and social media to help us reach out to our readers. We stand behind our products 100% and will guide you through your questions, purchase, installation, and always for you thereafter. We make it easier for you!